Photo Studied November 29, 2016: Details! Details!

Retail is details. That is an old cliche and same can be said about photography. Analyze this photo? How about details is all we need to see in this one. Sure there is more but those little details. And yes looks better in black and white. Why bother, the RAW file can be converted to BW. And the payphone is mentionable too.


iRing You.

I be promoting this accessory type once a week as long as I remember to do. 

A mad man was taking hold of anyone sitting at communal table at Starbucks the other day. He was parked with his laptop and as soon as someone else made the mistake of sitting and setting up devices he would begin. Mad conversations cannot be stopped that easily. I can. I specialize in customer service but average Joe or Jane?

He got several people with his loud annoying conversations (who CARES about your plug in USB splitter and your stupid video collection anyway) and eventually everyon ran and place got quiet. I wear ear plugs anyway so does not bother me but they all got abused.

In the midst of this nonsense, one person got up to move to the end of the table away from HIM and that is when I saw it. His iPhone was proped side ways with a ring thingy. That would save so many billions of broken phone dollars if only public knew about AND was not stigmatized in the media by Apple and big companies so people shun the attachment and continue breaking phones which earns them hundreds of billions annually indirectly. I really wanted to take a picture of it assuming was a generic handle the guy glued to his phone BUT I couldn’t risk getting close to the Mad man so bad to leave it TILL NOW.

It has a name. I gotta get some of these and promote this. You too. Breaking cellphones systematically is an un-American activity and MUST stop. Wireless industry already bleeds the bill of population and this is TOO much. You may NOT break your phone. That is economic loss at grass root level and gain at Trump level? Promote it or you get yours.
P.S. Statistics say 100000+ phones break daily worldwide. Yep they do.

50% at 9 AM

LG X Power passed its tests and no longer a test unit to me. It is around till gets replaced but is worth a mention here.

I did leave it on all night by mistake after a solid day of use (I was off and LG X Power got used nonstop) and day began at 43% and there was enough time to plug in and bring it up tp 63% before I walked out the door. And now after an hour of train ride I get what? 50% which probably lasts longer than most devices. Other phones need a low power mode since screen resolution may be so high and battery capacity so limited they cannot do what LG X Power does every day. Power save mode stink but if the device has a low power mode which reduces screen sharpness and power use there may be hope after all.

It Is Time For Samsung Pay?

Yes it is. 

Finally I have decided to start using Samsung Pay. That reminds me of when the Pay system first arrived. We used to use a good little app that when linked to an American Express Serve would give $1 per transaction. That was a fun system and everyone I knew used it till they fell on hard times. It just happened the company that made this app ended up in the news because shared the name ISIS with an unfriendly bunch of people that made the news often. It got sold blah blah and I honestly don’t remember if timing coincided with Apple Pay or be blaming Apple for creating ISIS (overseas one) and why not. You can research the timing. I don’t care. 

I am doing quite well as is. Our courageous candidate has won a “fixed election” and Apple shall get what it will get. The only Leftist American company? Meet Donny. Then again our hopes may be short-lived. Only yesterday yours truly won an argument that Donny is President until we get what we want and that was that. Today things look poor. Apparently “someone” had been arranging to take down some prominent folks whom opposed him and this being illegal we were given sad news there may not be a swearing-in this January. 

This is 2016. I had a very good year. Last month a fellow competitor wireless company got dirty with us and did a hit. It cost us some percentages and I lost $80 in commissions. Everyone expects them to attack again this month which is neat because I never from hear more than once. And wise folks say rooky politicians take shots at folks like us. Oh well. They live and THEY learn I guess why nobody tries twice.

2X20 And 3X20 And Chicken Sounds?

Finally got a sense of carrier aggregation. Personal experience is worth a thousand words? 

My LG X Power being a test unit with a 4100 mAh battery was a little too fast when I obtained it. Snappy and really responsive which was great and not expected. I contributed this to Octacore processor and it’s memory and still was puzzled until my mandatory work reading draw my attention to bottom of this one page! I admit I had passively looked once thinking I read somewhere LG X Power has carrier aggregation and never found the info until today. What a relief?

The truth is not exciting at all. HTC Boost has just been released and has 3X20 carrier aggregation and expected to be unbelievably fast and what does blog reviews said yesterday? “Outdated Processor” in the title of review? What did HTC ever do to anyone to be bashed? 

They are NOT Chinese? Those damn Taiwanese companies making super devices for years when China is number one? And those Korean companies making super devices for years when China is number one? And those Japanese companies making super devices for years when China is number one? And those Canadian companies making super devices for years when China is number one? And those American companies making super devices for years when China is number one? 

Is that a hint? Only iPhone (assembled in China not even made there? Lol) may remain in the market? China still has shit for products. Number One means eliminate competition and Chinese are no stranger to that. A great ancient nation holding billions in US Treasury bonds (standard mark of US Government policies allowing someone to make a lot of money off our policies but cannot take it out of the country so government takes it back as a “loan” and you get to pretend can tell the government what to do? Saudis? Arabs? Chinese?) enforcing it’s ideology into the US markets? One China. One Communist Party. One of everything and zero tolerance of anything else. They call it “dominance” and used to be called “hoarding and thieving.” This great Chinese ideal has crept into US market? Best of technology? Boo. It was made in Taiwan! Boo. It was made in Japan! Boo. It was made in Korea? Yuk and Boo. Let’s blow this one up and set it on fire? It really pisses China number one off. 

The mystery continues how best technology cannot even be recognized as “above average” while mediocre is pushed as “the best ever” such as iPhone (China number one?)

Now you see why an election can be “fixed” and Donald Trump can go in versus being “fixed” and Hillary can go in. Donald has to fight and Hillary would laugh at the word “fight.” Friendship with China would be very profitable for Hillary, wink, wink. Donald? He was the better “fixed” candidate. We know he likes picking on weak, poor, helpless, meek and hitting them. That is the heart and soul of American Way which he swore to promote and establish but will he challenge organized Communism? Will they pay him off too? Will they scare him off (Obama is still fearful Chinese want to take him so China be number one. I am not kidding. These are valid government rumors. Lol. He is afraid some Chinese man or woman will show one day and…)? Will the White Man be scarred off by the Red? People say White People are chicken and don’t even dare call the Reds red and pretend “they are Capitalists…?” That was Liberal bullshit. Bill Clinton brought Chinese here because nobody domestically would help him establish a Socialist America. Can the big White Folk fight them off? Or are you chicken? Should we make chicken sounds when President Donny Trump appears in public?

We want good technology or we turn nasty. Hear?

You Gotta Love The Man (Who??)

Saturday and not much to say. I did pick up an app from recommended apps of week for Android and once again can keep Journal. That brings bad memories to many they never worried about until one Donald Trump “happened” and now they really insist on remembering that Donald is a human personification of some of what the late General Uncle “was” in his rhetoric AND he got in? Everyone is on the shitlist of those whom ignored the Good General. Battles lines are drawing. Republicans and Trump clan are “happy” and begin to bring “white man rule” back to America. Basically they are white American men and whatever they do is “greatness” for America. Left is drawing battle lines. The political system was defunct so many years ago and left abused it until that Uncle bastard did them and a human “Uncle” is appointing his “like” to Federal offices. There be “resistance” everyday. Word has it everyone on the inside are joining the side of whoever is NOT on Right or Left side of these battle lines. That be the Nazi Party which runs separate of these fools. Join the American Nazi Party? The elitist eluding group of top whatever everyone hates? They can be joined? You can hide behind them for sure. 

The good legal folks from the good State of New York did address some cussing toward the good folks who get fingered for “Trumping” America of certain criminal matters that shall reach the Big White Ruler and “we are not done with him yet” is answered by “he has not even had one fight yet and you ain’t getting Trump till we are done first.” Champion Trump as he is called by some may or may not qualify as a Prizefighter but ain’t going nowhere until he does his “fighting” he was brought in to do. 

Please stop talking Electoral College as if can vote Hillary in. The history of Electoral College is what? Their vote is “fixed” and they always VOTE as you know. Consult Wikipedia on its history. That is your Bible after TV, right? Trump is what America needs (till we are done with him says State Dept)

What A Boring Day

Friday can be boring. Today is. The train is empty and not moving yet. Last night it travelled one stop and broke down. A lot of drama about repairs done and how failed and single-lane adds 30 minutes. Then THEY say the convenient breakdown was staged. The $3.5 billion bond measure the greedy train union won is not that secure and they still need support and got none. 

A lot of things blamed on this dysfunctional travel system. Originally it was intended to make a big loop but locals wouldn’t fund it. What it had become is a way to transfer spending money from all over to one spot. The push to eliminate this is on. No train means hundreds of local cities explode economically while San Francisco dies out. Cars are a myth we are told and State Dept says no more driving for Americans ahead anyway. The train makes economic tumor growth in one city inevitable while others pump their funds and jobs and so on to this center. No train and companies have to locate to proximity of all cities. You don’t know that. Commute train system marked to be rapid cargo train system people know how they can be Trumped. Put all things in order (and got their bonds approved to cover Union overtimes) and last minutes their plans can get what America got with Trump. Those majority votes are exaggerated. If something is really important Government decides for you and riot all you want and lobby all you want. They “fix” you. That is all the news for this boring day. Future is known.

HTC Bolt promises to be a great phone and won’t explode because HTC has market share problems so Apple won’t jinx it? Advances in technology thanks to Android once again. 

There was a blog article yesterday on how Google has been releasing product after product competing with new products out there. It was interesting. Google is not Apple. The focus that Apple has is unchallenged. Anything goes for high profit margins is the Spirit of Apple. That is no tech company. They dropped computer from their name a couple of years ago and soon be a neutral “collection company” making sure everyone pays Apple what it wants. That is where heart of Apple is and beats. That number of dollars on money exchanges and how often etc. 

Google lacks this. Their focus is distracted as always. Bleeding the public will be new to them. In a tech jungle, making a VR against Samsung or Home against Echo and soon is all they can do. The idea of positioning the dumb public to bleed money and acquire these products on the “transaction” principle that Apple worships is alien to them. They still contribute. Google is not as All American as Apple is. Apple bleeds the consumer. They gut people from kids to seniors and pull your intestines out and twist them to remind you who is who amd what is what. You PAY and buy Apple or you be embarrassed and so on. What and how Apple does is not topic here. Google is worth a look. What can Google do to be more focused? Where can it go beyond technology that is “hip, cool, and fun” besides set ups to bleed the public for the grocery money and what discretionary income there may be? What can Google do? Focus will make a difference in what Google can do to contribute. There is potential for development there.