Who Needs Google Pixel???

Google Pixel gets announced today and who needs it? We have iPhone the answer to all of our technology questions, don’t we?

Who needs innovation? Who needs progress? Apple will “announce” it’s iPhone once a year and if we need more they will “tell” us? Domination may be a Chinese idea that came to America as part of the American belief that foreign places, things and people are so “great” and we can gain “great” things from them. This wrong idea has cost America so much and will. 

The basic idea if I remember correctly was when faced with various cultures instead of rejecting and accepting which the European tradition of superior and inferior (call it black and white locally) one ought to seek and embrace the good things in all cultures. Some cultures have nothing good to offer or their good may be poison to us? 

One product dominating was not the easy standard in America until Chinese were forced to follow US protocol of keeping what they earned from trade invested in US Government papers etc. That follows with now they can have a say in how America is run being stockholders in the corporation named America. 

This ideology is poison. I don’t have to write about how alternatives to domination can and will be. You can see an example here. Pixel is an All American product. Whatever it does or does not accomplish it has no intention of hurting other companies and products to get bigger and hold a bigger market niche. It represents advances in technology and advances in American business. We need big announcement dates such as Oct 4th Google announcements of many products so we can survive on this planet. 

Life built around one idea or products such as the Domination ideology and iPhone be so boring, stale and morbid it be like a Communist country to be around the place. One wishes to escape a place where everyone only has iPhones and everything else gets demolished so “One” can be the beginning and the end.

Welcome Google Pixel and October 4th 2016 prodocts announcements as a sign we are not dominated yet and whoever offers foreign countries options to own our economic and political system is a traitor and needs punishment. 


The Travel Phone!

I don’t have any shots of LG X Power in this phone so this post goes photo-less (if such a word.)

My Moto X has been a marvelous phone and i have said many good things about it. I havent found anyone impressed however because they see it as “too small” and talking is a waste of time after that. It has run its course also and it’s replacement is LG X Power. The X doesn’t relate the devices. I just want to try LG X and happen to have a Moto X.

LG X reviews are not good nor bad. I like what one reviewer said about LG X Power. It has an enormous and impressive 4100 mAh battery AND “goes downhill from there…” Frankly I didn’t like that review. It was not very informative and if the screen is low in pixels and disappointing you cannot say the phone that is better in screen quality is an iPhone. I have to see the screen before I agree not great. What I ma interested in in travel.

When you travel or you are out doing  a lot of things and a long day your battery goes and goes fast. Nevermind the solutions. LG X Power has a 4100 mAh battery. That is tablet size battery and i happen to run my Moto X on sprint which means when gets replaced I be running an LG X Power with a battery that definitely lasts an entire day and night AND unlimited data which means the phone can be GPS and research tool all day and night if not all trip long and no business interrupted because the device sucks and needs help.

I am lazy and don’t rush. I still have to do one more post to wrap up my Moto X memory series. Then I can be on LG X and I yet have to run into an unexpected day or be on a trip to see for sure that LG X with Sprint Unlimited Data makes the day and beats the rest. This also brings back another point. Devices such as LG X ought to be sold to be activated either as smartphones or tablets. A business person with the needs to have data and battery all day and night uninterrupted can use a device just for that end. Who cares about talk and text! After all we all have at least three cellphones, don’t we?

Wireless Charging! Future Has Arrived.

It is awfully slow on my Note 5. When Qi charging was becoming popular a couple of years ago, I ordered a receiver (a part that receives wireless charge and feeds into your phone) made for my Note 3 and tried it for a while. It was slow and you had to position it perfectly on the pod or no charge. I liked it. Most were apathetic technology except one person who told me he couldn’t wait for me to burn my battery from overcharging and have a good laugh. I told him not to worry. Wireless charging stops if device was made to adapt to the charge and won’t overcharge (if and when it ever fills up first…) 

I had almost forgot about coffeeshops and wireless charging until today at 37% it was a lifesaver. I remember when Starbucks announced the “future” and wireless charging coming to its branches. It was a big deal. I don’t think anybody cares today.

News gets outdated? Pokemon Go was so big even I played it not long ago. And about the same time I asked an avid player his opinion of state Pokemon a month from then. He had no doubt nobody be playing Pokemon Go in a month. It gets forgotten. People still play as wireless charging pods are everywhere. 

And today was a day that future did happen. Wireless charging pods waiting right in front of me and I was making elaborate plans how to go from one phone to another smoothly and without disrupting my work. 

They are here. And slow for now.

Moto X 1st Edition Part 2 -Efficiency!

Moto X 1st Gen on Sprint. 

One of my better smartphone experiences. Efficiency. Moto X turned out to be a very likeable device. Once it was put into active use one ignores the cost or why purchased and many other factors. How the device handles counts after that. It’s looks matter also but I was lucky to find OtterBox Commuter for my Moto X (in yellow also as in sports or Sprint carrier color) and the device hides inside the case (shown below) hence the looks can improve or be neutralized. Moto X looks OK by itself.

Moto X handles itself very well. The screen is small but doesn’t look or feel small when looking at it. The brightness is impressive and memorizes the viewer forgetting how small the screen is. The buttons are well placed and form factor is better than average.

What I have always liked about Moto X has been it’s handling of software. It has never crashed on me. It always has enough memory for everything. I receive too many notifications and messages and installed most of my active apps here and Moto X has had no issues nor change in performance. 

I have had bad experiences with small phones enough times to expect upsets caused by all small phones and Moto X is smooth. It never fails to have finesse in all operations. The 16GB memory may not be much but saves soany headaches. The only complaint I have is loading at startup and that is not Moto X fault. Originally it was great but since was upgraded to 6.0.1 (I think. I am lazy to check again) Moto X needs about three minutes to load OS and apps and then go. That is unusual and I ignore it as a flaw. The phone is awesome.

I can fill pages in praise of a phone I like a lot so stop here by saying Moto X is a smooth (efficient) device for my purposes.

Attention Illiterate Humans of Developed Countries

Don’t forget to vote for Trump. 

ISS over Australia again and that picture moves when viewing in the app. There is not much to say especially if you live in a developed country (people of less developed countries are accused of being stupid and backward systematically) and think you are special people and live better than others. 

This image proves you are as bad it gets. You wouldn’t have a clue what is ISS and why exists and what is significance of anything like this image. You are ignorant and Trump is a reminder you are still alive in America and elsewhere and think you are entitled to all kinds of things including opinions and votes. You belong in not developed countries because your.mind is as developed as theirs. 

Enjoy and is not OK you don’t understand what I am talking about. If you did you would be contemporary Americans and entitled to opinions and votes. Vote for Trump. He is your level of intelligence.