40 Calls A Day?

That is what the man said. It was only yesterday. And I had to share a speakerphone call about a some kind of medical machine to buy. His insurance would pay. They know his name blah blah. And sucks to be from another country where they fear the government. I think has been six months since I first told him to register his number with State Attorney General do not call list. I had to do it myself finally. Just type your phone number and email here. Is government really that scary? They will still call him but at the rate of a few times a week by accident. 

How come there is no social movement advocating no use or limited use of cellphones I wonder? America loves this stuff? Could it be that under Liberals all things good or bad they may be are declared good hence cannot take a position against something that is good or good? I think so. Those Right Wing Haters would find things WRONG with good or good things of life and tell you too. Haters. We should be happy because billions of Robocalls are “good” under Liberals. As Hillary shall say like everything because is good or you are NOT an American?


The Dead Shall Rise!!

And so much for the tale of Galaxy Note family of devices are gone. That was news according to the tech blogs. And Samsung brand is tarnished forever they said. And even Samsung cannot “force” folks to give up their so-called defective handsets. That was news too. And soon they will declare there was nothing wrong with Galaxy Note 7 and “marketing (in the US side which tried to kill Note in favor of Apple launch) will “explain” what “really” happened with them so-called defective Note 7 and as the great American marketing principle has held true forever (as rude as it sounds the smarter money folk bet their billions based on such rules) “noone ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of American people” or better said consumers. What does this mean in this case? In time, not only Note 7 be declared of all guilt blamed on it but also be probably said it was a “good” thing that done them incidents alleged! That is how you don’t go broke because “them” intelligence is so low says the marketing constitution that you call it evil when conflicts with another product launch and call it divine once the conflict period passes. They will never get it? Only in America. 

There was nothing wrong with Galaxy Note 7. There is something wrong with the level of intelligence of average American consumer and how American media promotes fraud. You can lie about anything and the media makes it the truth. That is one reason American rhetoric has died. Lying about everything and anything is same as telling the truth thanks to years of Liberals. 

A Real Rebel Uses the Note 7? OR I Told You So…? 

Galaxy Note 7 is the new celebrity phone! A celebrity who needs attention to increase record or movoe sales etc can choose to for example kick girlfriend as long as makes news.

Travel 2000 miles to vote in hometown where taking a photo is 30 days jail and $50 fine? Take a Note 7 where you go and media status will be even higher (better for sales) when is time to “fine” for doing with that Note 7. Use an iPhone? Won’t make one dollar. 

44% Day Two LG X Power!

That is what the end of wireless reading looks like. I can go into next section where it is boring and I have no idea why is called Fashion.

So the orange cable I was using was NOT broken? And the black one before it? The stupid whats-its-name dual adaptive charger (which I hate by the way) is now even worse. 

It used to charge two phones and life was good until one day decided only one phone shall be charged. I changed the cord and shortly after I changed the cord again. For a while only one cord remained and life was good though boring with one cord and so many phones until last night.

While looking for stuff to throw out which is just a ritual I came across “the cord” of which I have may be twenty but lazy to locate them. This one was right there. And I used it. So exciting except….

44℅? A whole night and I get 44℅? The only good thing is LG X Power was made to stop surprise problems. This being one. Charger failed. And? I don’t have to charge. I can go through the day as is and last. 

On the other hand, we have a little experiment also. Will the speed of discharge increase or remain stable when using a half-hearted battery? We will find out.

LG X Power Gets A Case

And today is Monday. Tomorrow we expect rain but today is cold and gloomy as a rainy day. This morning was not bad at all but I cannot say today is a nice day. 

I did pick up mail and case for LG X Power has arrived. It fit quite well and I am going to get a tempered glass soon also just because but otherwise it is fine.

LG X Power is one boring phone. Lol. I was just thinking at the pace I am going I can pay it off in a few weeks and move to LG V20 and check that one out. A couple of things came to mind.

One is that I still need LG X Power even if I pay the small amount it costs and my account winks Y for upgrading. The battery is immortal. It lasts too long. It lasts so long I have forgotten about my problem on my days off when I am out and about and the battery keeps eating itself away. LG X Power has solved that problem and Sprint signal is good. It works everywhere. And I can get whatever I need to do done on LG X Power.

However, I do too much on my phones. I was never able to fully move all my links, shortcuts, etc from my Note 3 to my Note 5 and I have to keep Note 3 in use because need it here and there. And exact same thing happened when adopting LG X Power. I cannot do everything I do on Note 5 on LG X Power. I basically need all three phones to be around.

I think what will happen is I keep using LG X Power until paid off which means upgrade etc but at that point LG V20 will pose a small problem. The battery! 

I need LG X Power because it can last so long and acquiring a LG V20 will mean I have a battery problem between all the phones. This sort of takes LG X Power out of the “test device” category because I cannot simply replace it with another device. That is an interesting point to ponder. A problem solved???

Note 6?

In the meantime how about releasing Note 5 in the form factor of Note 7 with enough technology advances to be say Note 5.5 in Progress terms? 

That can be done quickly so we can go about our business until next devices arrive. Some buy the newest devices because they are cool and new. Others do it because the technology gets used. Da!

Samsung has how many phones in Galaxy family? It doesn’t take that long to shoot a new Galaxy device as long as is not too big a (device) deal. Note 5 is a really good Devi e and with some minor improvements be a better device and why not use the Note 7 form factor so gazillions of accessories get used and those looking for a Note device be taken care of and of course better priced Note class device compared to Note 7 and it’s enormous pricetag will take a decent size market share. That is needed.

iPhone 7 is not a device that will earn high praised being a 6s with a little change and market needs other devices in this time frame. Note 6 is needed even if is missing the one quality that Note 7 would offer. The awe favor. Note 6 as a speedy released device on the Note 5 platform with proven technology and some improvements  will fill the holiday market needs AND you be amazed how many will be content with a non-impressive Note 6 as their new phone until better tech arrives late next year.

The future devices better be released country by country in old Samsung tradition to make sure industrial sabotage won’t get to them before established and unquestioned devices.

Let’s go.

Android 2.3 And Hummingbird?

It had a been a while since I saw one of these. Nexus S. This one is Sprint and in solid shape. I think Verizon had same or just Nexus. It has been a while but also seems like we’re selling it brand new only yesterday. I remember the boxes before activation and selling the last of them in close out sales at bargain prices. It activated easily and will do until new device arrives.

The specs are cute. Cutting edge technology. The processor is called Hummingbird (lol) and at 1 GB is so fast and don’t forget that Gingerbread Android 2.3 running so fast can do them 3D graphics so well. The word 3D is a curse. Phones that had 3D cameras always turned to be big problems. HTC EVO 3D? What a bomb.

Just the other day a marketeer came by. He wanted a minute to charge his dying useless iPhone and also see the iPhone 7 demo units. He gave me a sharp look ten minutes later toward end of conversation when he heard “Apple will have a lot of problems with that phone.” He has to report to his boss he made the man say good things about the product and this? It is the dual camera that dated drag the word 3D originally as if something good about it. The idea still is there. Dual 3D? That ain’t no Siri? Even Apple people popped my bubble on Siri when it first was released “wait a month and see anybody cares about Siri…” Those memories of the good old 3D and the good it brings.

Old technology can still be good. It used to be good but network technology changes too fast and knocks the price of these units down a lot. The result is they automatically become obsolete even if can do well when needed.

And that is the tale of Google Nexus S reappearing and still getting the job done. Android 2.3?