Photo Study October 31 2016: Full Rainbow

This was yesterday. An accident. As I got off the commute train the rain must have stopped or whatever because behind the train about to depart the station a full rainbow was visible. 

A few seconds later and after the train had departed I had to shoot. Two shots were fired. Both did not have the best view and top of rainbow was caught but I did remember to switch to Pro mode on my Galaxy Note 5 and from there to RAW in the settings for a change. The last show captured the full rainbow.

This is not a superb photo but is worth a look. The rainbow is in good shape. The entire rainbow is in full colors and is a solid image. The white building does get attention in the middle and seems like the rainbow was positioned above it. And the brown building adds to the weight of rainbow versus the white building and also complicates it too. Simplicity works too well and adding elements complicates the formula. 

Here we have a great rainbow, a bright white building positioned in balance to the rainbow and the brown building. Does brown versus white or side versus middle help or takes from the image? The trees help for sure. They fill the bottom of the shot and enhance the details of the photo. 

Rainbow has its own details as does the white building and the brown building and the trees diversify details seen in these elements. 

It may seem the photo is blurry if we expand trees or the Bank of America sign. However if we expand the car under the trees we see all is well as much as can be expanded till we are down to Pixel flaws. The trees were moving and the sign? Too bright or can all be technical shortcomings. 

The photo is overall good. Any viewer would be pleased reviewing the elements and that is it. There is not much more unless it is enlarged huge and a new dimension appears. Who cares to do that. We are happy with the Progress this shot made possible. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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