Monday At 85%

The day begins. I am off but have a few errands. The weather is good and no rain. Every forecast since last Tuesday as first day of rain has been wrong and today included. Sunny and this ain’t 54 degrees.

Good day to start things. Last day of October. We are rolling into 2017 for those whom have calendars of planning spanning several months at a time. Two months of 2016 and two months of 2017 on mine. The rest I don’t know but 2017 is here on my calendar so have to deal with it.

Oppo topped Chinese phone markets. Who cares except that we had to listen this weekend to whining from Samsung that Chinese sabotage was behind Note 7 and China wants the S Korean makers out replaced with Chinese. And how devices looking exactly like Note shoot out of Chinese factories as soon as Note in trouble mysteriously. Nobody cares for the mystery part and immediately blame Samsung. That much I agree. 

The China story is old. We just released a program that brings decades of disasters on China, Saudi, Israel and their backers in Europe. There is US Government for you and Samsung be fine. They get babysitting. I wouldn’t worry about tales of China does people wrong everywhere. The payback program is on the way.

As a side note I do have a suggestion. It would be a Samsung thing BUT the same way Samsung can release a device of equal form factor to Note 7 of any qualities just to decrease the damage done to accessory market other makers can do also. Generic devices that can fit Galaxy Note 7 form factor will save hundreds of million of Note 7 accessories out there from traditional corporate write-offs. They can be put to use if a few devices were made and available in markets with overloads of Note 7 accessories. For the future timed release of flagship Samsung products allows for anti-sabotage launches.

And on the LG X Power we are good. The battery wasn’t charged full last night. The day begins at about 85% and does not bother me. The Power in LG X name really does work. The 4000 mAh battery lasts forever if you have business use. The device is fast too with 6GB of little apps (last I checked before I dumped some) running on the background and the Sprint network delivers on the move which is good. I spent a good part of day reading manuals yesterday and the job got done. I think I have more ahead. One may say to ditch this telecommunications stuff and go back to restaurant management where anybody hardly does anything if you are trained (if not trained you exit though seems easy) but we are set for a few months. 

Let’s welcome 2017.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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