Photo Study October 28 2016: They Look Better When Small

They sure do. The magic of Instagram and iPhone photography and so on. Many look cool and good when small. Enlarge them and? So many flaws?

I took this shot waiting this morning. The missing point is that I had balanced my coffee cup with the liquid inside which won’t stay in one place on top of a parking meter. What a feat!

It is not flat atop a meter in case you are wondering. I done it so let’s photograph and show.

The details aren’t bad for the 8 megapixels (I am usually wrong with specs. Lol) when expanded but is sort of composed. 

Unusual is the word to explain why is a cool photo. Back when I learned photography this was called how to take “interesting” photos also known as how to make your stupid shots look “interesting” so is no longer stupid and people assume is good!!!

This shot is OK. As long as not enlarged it be cool then you can tell eeeeeegh. Everybody else does it all day on Instagram and they are cool because small. Definitely works.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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