What A Waste…

The $325 is half the price of the phone the article says which sounds cool BUT what is Pixel good for? Talk? Text? I am sure those happen on TMO. How about data?  That is not going to do for a super phone that shows off too software and hardware and performance. Exclusivity on Verizon was not JUST a decision. Performance makes the device. Pixel was not made for TMO? We shall see.

And everyone raving about the return of Microsoft? Why not. They try really hard and the liberal era is coming to a turning point most likely ending so naturally Microsoft appears in the news as such a cool company. mAh be they were doing good all the way but politics kept the good media away?  Who cares. Life goes on. 

Today is Thursday. We were promised rain on Tuesday but not Wednesday. None of that. Thursday was rain day forever basically. Where? I don’t see any rain. The forecasts for my area were just clouds when I checked this morning. Rotten day. I be working with one of San Francisco’s finest today. Crazy people are everywhere in SF and some we know from work. The City doesn’t like the bad image they give them so why not call them “San Francisco’s finest?” There is little love lost between us and the City Hall. They were crying last week “he is helping Oakland” and even say it too that our job is to promote San Francisco. What an outrage. Oakland? I am doing my job. San Francisco’s Finest!! Enjoy the publicity.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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