The Dead Shall Rise!!

And so much for the tale of Galaxy Note family of devices are gone. That was news according to the tech blogs. And Samsung brand is tarnished forever they said. And even Samsung cannot “force” folks to give up their so-called defective handsets. That was news too. And soon they will declare there was nothing wrong with Galaxy Note 7 and “marketing (in the US side which tried to kill Note in favor of Apple launch) will “explain” what “really” happened with them so-called defective Note 7 and as the great American marketing principle has held true forever (as rude as it sounds the smarter money folk bet their billions based on such rules) “noone ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of American people” or better said consumers. What does this mean in this case? In time, not only Note 7 be declared of all guilt blamed on it but also be probably said it was a “good” thing that done them incidents alleged! That is how you don’t go broke because “them” intelligence is so low says the marketing constitution that you call it evil when conflicts with another product launch and call it divine once the conflict period passes. They will never get it? Only in America. 

There was nothing wrong with Galaxy Note 7. There is something wrong with the level of intelligence of average American consumer and how American media promotes fraud. You can lie about anything and the media makes it the truth. That is one reason American rhetoric has died. Lying about everything and anything is same as telling the truth thanks to years of Liberals. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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