40 Calls A Day?

That is what the man said. It was only yesterday. And I had to share a speakerphone call about a some kind of medical machine to buy. His insurance would pay. They know his name blah blah. And sucks to be from another country where they fear the government. I think has been six months since I first told him to register his number with State Attorney General do not call list. I had to do it myself finally. Just type your phone number and email here. Is government really that scary? They will still call him but at the rate of a few times a week by accident. 

How come there is no social movement advocating no use or limited use of cellphones I wonder? America loves this stuff? Could it be that under Liberals all things good or bad they may be are declared good hence cannot take a position against something that is good or good? I think so. Those Right Wing Haters would find things WRONG with good or good things of life and tell you too. Haters. We should be happy because billions of Robocalls are “good” under Liberals. As Hillary shall say like everything because is good or you are NOT an American?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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