44% Day Two LG X Power!

That is what the end of wireless reading looks like. I can go into next section where it is boring and I have no idea why is called Fashion.

So the orange cable I was using was NOT broken? And the black one before it? The stupid whats-its-name dual adaptive charger (which I hate by the way) is now even worse. 

It used to charge two phones and life was good until one day decided only one phone shall be charged. I changed the cord and shortly after I changed the cord again. For a while only one cord remained and life was good though boring with one cord and so many phones until last night.

While looking for stuff to throw out which is just a ritual I came across “the cord” of which I have may be twenty but lazy to locate them. This one was right there. And I used it. So exciting except….

44℅? A whole night and I get 44℅? The only good thing is LG X Power was made to stop surprise problems. This being one. Charger failed. And? I don’t have to charge. I can go through the day as is and last. 

On the other hand, we have a little experiment also. Will the speed of discharge increase or remain stable when using a half-hearted battery? We will find out.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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