Note 6?

In the meantime how about releasing Note 5 in the form factor of Note 7 with enough technology advances to be say Note 5.5 in Progress terms? 

That can be done quickly so we can go about our business until next devices arrive. Some buy the newest devices because they are cool and new. Others do it because the technology gets used. Da!

Samsung has how many phones in Galaxy family? It doesn’t take that long to shoot a new Galaxy device as long as is not too big a (device) deal. Note 5 is a really good Devi e and with some minor improvements be a better device and why not use the Note 7 form factor so gazillions of accessories get used and those looking for a Note device be taken care of and of course better priced Note class device compared to Note 7 and it’s enormous pricetag will take a decent size market share. That is needed.

iPhone 7 is not a device that will earn high praised being a 6s with a little change and market needs other devices in this time frame. Note 6 is needed even if is missing the one quality that Note 7 would offer. The awe favor. Note 6 as a speedy released device on the Note 5 platform with proven technology and some improvements  will fill the holiday market needs AND you be amazed how many will be content with a non-impressive Note 6 as their new phone until better tech arrives late next year.

The future devices better be released country by country in old Samsung tradition to make sure industrial sabotage won’t get to them before established and unquestioned devices.

Let’s go.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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