LG X Power Gets A Case

And today is Monday. Tomorrow we expect rain but today is cold and gloomy as a rainy day. This morning was not bad at all but I cannot say today is a nice day. 

I did pick up mail and case for LG X Power has arrived. It fit quite well and I am going to get a tempered glass soon also just because but otherwise it is fine.

LG X Power is one boring phone. Lol. I was just thinking at the pace I am going I can pay it off in a few weeks and move to LG V20 and check that one out. A couple of things came to mind.

One is that I still need LG X Power even if I pay the small amount it costs and my account winks Y for upgrading. The battery is immortal. It lasts too long. It lasts so long I have forgotten about my problem on my days off when I am out and about and the battery keeps eating itself away. LG X Power has solved that problem and Sprint signal is good. It works everywhere. And I can get whatever I need to do done on LG X Power.

However, I do too much on my phones. I was never able to fully move all my links, shortcuts, etc from my Note 3 to my Note 5 and I have to keep Note 3 in use because need it here and there. And exact same thing happened when adopting LG X Power. I cannot do everything I do on Note 5 on LG X Power. I basically need all three phones to be around.

I think what will happen is I keep using LG X Power until paid off which means upgrade etc but at that point LG V20 will pose a small problem. The battery! 

I need LG X Power because it can last so long and acquiring a LG V20 will mean I have a battery problem between all the phones. This sort of takes LG X Power out of the “test device” category because I cannot simply replace it with another device. That is an interesting point to ponder. A problem solved???


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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