Android 2.3 And Hummingbird?

It had a been a while since I saw one of these. Nexus S. This one is Sprint and in solid shape. I think Verizon had same or just Nexus. It has been a while but also seems like we’re selling it brand new only yesterday. I remember the boxes before activation and selling the last of them in close out sales at bargain prices. It activated easily and will do until new device arrives.

The specs are cute. Cutting edge technology. The processor is called Hummingbird (lol) and at 1 GB is so fast and don’t forget that Gingerbread Android 2.3 running so fast can do them 3D graphics so well. The word 3D is a curse. Phones that had 3D cameras always turned to be big problems. HTC EVO 3D? What a bomb.

Just the other day a marketeer came by. He wanted a minute to charge his dying useless iPhone and also see the iPhone 7 demo units. He gave me a sharp look ten minutes later toward end of conversation when he heard “Apple will have a lot of problems with that phone.” He has to report to his boss he made the man say good things about the product and this? It is the dual camera that dated drag the word 3D originally as if something good about it. The idea still is there. Dual 3D? That ain’t no Siri? Even Apple people popped my bubble on Siri when it first was released “wait a month and see anybody cares about Siri…” Those memories of the good old 3D and the good it brings.

Old technology can still be good. It used to be good but network technology changes too fast and knocks the price of these units down a lot. The result is they automatically become obsolete even if can do well when needed.

And that is the tale of Google Nexus S reappearing and still getting the job done. Android 2.3?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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