Country by Country

Sunday morning. The weather is very good. This breakfast was egg-ful as advertised. I got in. That means sun is up and my usual seats are too sunny to take. Small problem and day begins.

Sunday has little wireless news. Elections continue and President Trump is ahead. This country needs a lot of help and good domestic warfare is definitely sanctioned to not only fix many things but also get rid of many who got comfortable under liberal rule. That is not related to technology. Warnings are recognized everywhere battle lines are drawn over who is for and against Note 7. Samsung we are told will use the old cautious approach and release products country by country to prevent industrial sabotage as we did in the case of Note 7. And ATT bought Times Warner which reminds us why a Revolution was planned for several years. You will see part of that ideal in Trump Presidency. A return to “some” of traditional values and institutions liberals destroyed or tried to and getting rid of much of our government staffing recruited and paid based on liberal support. They need to go if not entire departments abolished. It may seem Trump is good for big business but don’t forget Trump be here to create domestic war and the opposite side of Trump are supported by government for attacking Trump and what he stands for including these businesses. Hillary cannot deliver any of this because unlike Big Zero Hillary knows how to collect Tribute and get away with it. Why have war if can get paid for doing nothing. Even if there was a Hillary there be war but more of one sided. Two sides openly fighting is better and elimination of so many government agencies and their staff in the crossfire is needed. How many million worthless jobs in the name of government when can be staffed by free or volunteer staff? Let’s vet rid of all these payrolls that do so little. Liberals did much damage. Trump is good enough to be President even if is a domestic war President. 

More tech news as is available. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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