Nothing Again

There is very little tech news today. 

It may be the election days. This week tech business is slow too. The media keeps everyone busy? Nobody knows. The weather is good. 

The next two months will come and go. They are end of 2016. I need a work schedule that lets me have a second job. That makes for long days but then again one job and very long commute or two jobs and short commute?

The latter is better. I have to follow the news and even listen to radio. That requires discipline. If busy at work all day and night gets done but if idle at home it be watching Netflix instead. 

The election is not the news. There are many other developments to follow which beat the phony election. That definitely the stagnant tech news market. I do have several devices to rid of and will write one or two pieces on each as goes. That be the tech news generated.

LGV20 is coming and is one polished device. It is too bad LG lost its market share as HTC did and a great device can appear and it is like nothing happened. Monopolies cause these problems. The market is closed and who cares what good appears. All the money must go to the “company” and who said trade and competition exist. We are back to pre-labor union era. In the era of terror and fear once again the “company” approved device known as iPhone gets the highest points in terms of psychic “safety” which drove many to buy iPhones from the start. I am OK because I have iPhone? There is risk involved in owning other devices. That goes from not being “in” to now getting arrested and being locked up because own the “unsafe” products. It is a police state with good explanations what the authorities do what they do. Cellphones are now political instruments?

And that is our Friday. A great day begins. Things go well I be doing even better thanks to the next 60 days. Ever since the revolution movement started yours truly has been doing better and better in areas many won’t dream of. And the next 60 days be more of that. The sad thing is many who were with us and didn’t or couldn’t keep up are behind and in distance as we keep going. State Dept would say unlike those whom get rid of whoever disagrees (as a political figure person and associates) we keep replacing our teams with people who agree even more than the previous teams. And they don’t like that. Not agreeing enough they be far behind in the distance? It is lonely at the top is said. The higher we go the less people around to upset us? Life goes on. 

I like to thank the many whom were there for us in our Progress. It is true many of them complain we are backstabbing and lying them getting what we want but I believe they are better remembered as being there for us and making our success possible instead of negative comments to their discredit. Future holds more of this “success” thing in it. We never cared and ironically life does its thing again. It takes as much success from whom really wants it and gives it all to persons whom can care less about success or even more of it. They are content? What is the saying? Those who have will be given more and those who don’t will… This is said about distribution of wealth not making sense or vice versa but applies to us too. I thank thee and nobody cares what you have to say.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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