Haters Losers

7 PM and 70% thanks to Progress. If there was no Progress everyone would have an iPhone and pay a fortune for it. Sounds like the history of automobile industry and how it became so American.

And somebody to be a nobody soon took stab at Note 7 today. Lame duck they call them and we are nearing. 

President Trump of United States of America soon replaces those haters and losers who cannot do anything right and need an iPhone to hide their shortcomings. 

Media is wrong about a lot of things and they know it. They upset the wrong people and they know what they get. These words are understood by American media bosses very well. Bashing Note 7 is showing support for Communism. Anybody who doesn’t like Progress as in Note 7 move to North Korea. They have the same haircut the whole country or you get your ass kicked. In North Korea everyone can have same cellphone as iPhone and you are cool. As a matter of fact everyone HAS to have the same cellphone or get their asses kicked. That ain’t America. Move to North Korea if you don’t like Trump or Note 7.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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