And the Celebrity Phone of 2016 Arrives 

And Galaxy Note 7 Limited Edition (you buy from someone already owning one) becomes top celebrity phone?

They are selling skins for iPhone owners so looks like the phone was burnt like a Note 7. Read please.

And why not. When celebrities cannot get their ratings up or just release music or movies and need hot publicity they punch the girlfriend ( you can do that in America and get attention not penalties) so bruises show in photos or have stand off with cops etc and now the celebrity phone is a phone call away.

So and So was stopped at the Airport because wanted to board an International flight with a NOTE 7!!!! 

Big news buy only in America. Other countries despise American thinking and don’t care what anybody thinks here including Note 7. 

Yep. Galaxy Note 7 can bring so much good luck but only for whom knows how to leverage it. It is saving Donald Trump from doing a lot of unnecessary work to deal with the Socialist Candidate. You gotta know how to leverage them Galaxy Note 7. Only for celebrities.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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