Extract That Greatness Only in America?

7:31 am and 100℅. The day begins and LG X Power is boring. Battery never runs out. 2 GB of RAM is OK but Octacore definitely shows in the speed. My case should arrive and I only need a tempered glass to be fully in action.

And that is about it. Pixel is here at Verizon moniana. LePro devices arriving. Talk of G4 and that is about it. There is not much going on. Samsung revealed new technology in chips and as long as won’t take market share from desperate companies like Apple the chips should not catch on fire or explode or be banned by FAA. That is the news of the day.

A lot of good things happening but if is not flagship news the media is not excited. Is Pixel a flagship? Whatever it is when it comes to sweeping the easy money of the wireless market Pixel won’t be there so it can be a flagship or just an excellent phone but market won’t treat it as such. 

Manufacturers seem to make devices for people like themselves. Apple makes devices for the g-section of the population (to be polite and not drag into a side topic) because people who design and makes these products are so. They make them for people who think like them. Primary customer group of Apple products whine about everything so Apple products are whine-proof and others see them as “so polished.”

Greatness requires people or things that are not able to fight back or simply get used without much trouble. Greatness may exist in many forms but American Greatness has always been possible as long as many are available to create this Greatness. And they need to be helpless and unable to fight back then we have Greatness which is available to a specific group known as Americans. Others are there for the benefit of these Americans and again they define who an American is as they defined Greatness. You don’t have a say. History shows praise is all you can do about or for American Greatness or they target you for penalties.

Picky people who get exploited really bad by predators? Sounds like stressed minority groups. No wonder Apple products made for g-people also are adopted mostly by women, elderly and children. All minorities who get exploited by anyone who can (or this wouldn’t be called the Greatest country in the world because so MUCH greatness can be extracted from whatever has NO choice here. Where else in the world could you create such greatness? 

The other countries there be church, media, government that can warn off against being “extracted (aka exploited)” but in America is called the American Way and is religion here. You can die opposing this Great American Way of life. It is that important. 

Apple g-folk think and build for their own likes and that has expanded to similar market niches which may not be picky but appreciate products made for very anal and picky person who don’t like things and “whine a lot” about anything they can. And minoriry means Greatness can be found. Exploit them? G-people are some of the most exploited persons in our local history at least and sure can pay very high prices. This passes on to pricing for all “like” market groups: Women, elderly and let’s not forget kids. None of these groups can fight back and have always been a source of Greatness for America only waiting to be “extracted” by the classes identifying themselves as “we are Americans.” Do not forget only some are. The rest are here so Greatness can be created by and from.

If Apple holds these “submissive” market niches whom don’t fight back and pay Apple pricing for whatever they are sold who is Pixel made for? Nexus? G4? One Plus whatever? The list goes on and on. 

They are made for people who think like the makers of these products. 

The only right thing Google did in past few years was Moto E series. No wonder the phenomenal success of the devices. They hold a very strong market base (not topic here) and probably one Google makers couldn’t understand at all but did under pressure and had to rid of the company because is not them. 

Pixel just like Nexus will be praised immensely but will never make the impact a device of that magnitude should. The “thinkers” behind Pixel don’t have enough people like them in the market to make it a flagship by impact and numbers. And that is what this market is about. What takes and holds market share.

We are awaiting devices that take market share away from predators such as Apple. The balance can return to the market by creating a place free of “monopolies” and stock market is behind this. They have no place to put their worthless dollars. Interest rates are ziltch for years means money cannot be “sold” and they have to keep somewhere so gets hyped. They need inflated stocks at any costs as San Francisco needs inflated real estate at any costs. The money has no value so it’s value increase on paper in so called “investments.” 

Back when we had a government IT would step in and break these scams up so cash would flow and changed hands and there was trade and we had an economy. The British invented this formula of taking it all and putting it in their own holdings. Government has got weak in America and “mercantilism” shows its ugly effects in 21st Century America and is known as Greatness publicly. Greatness needs victims. Gays? Women? Elderly? Children? Anybody who cannot fight back and is helpless is a great “source” for what made America a Great country and don’t you criticize Greatness. Hillary be mad at you. Greatness shall “extract” much in her times if they come and she will get her “share.” 

Is this a Great country or what? Until the law steps in and breaks them up but that only happens s after those in government who take money and “do” for you are rid of first. Gotta break this up…


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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