And Is Thursday 

The weather is awesome here today. We have but a few days to end of this month and the year ends. November is Thanksgiving month and we used to have a holiday named Black Friday in November. It is no more. We do have elections in November and President Trump once again will prove America has got it and if some cheat in elections to win others can call them cheaters and force their way in. What a wonderful country. 

The end of the year will be the battleground of wireless devices. If Trump wins, Obama be a lame duck President and will get it everyday from Trump until January. And liberals will crash the US economy etc anywhere between November to January to leave a mess for ingoing Right. That is am American tradirion like every year when iPhone comes it something really really bad happens to the competition. It is so American to sabotage and works like clockwork?

There are enough high end devicea out for this Christmas shopping to have a war. iPhone 7 is here but is not declared yet. Soon enough 7 be out there for public to tell how 7 and 6s are the same phone. It will for Christmas. And Samsung lost round one of We Are Americans tradition by which the side designated as American WINS even if is the losing side. Samsung is naive. HTC and LG never figured how their market shares vanished. Microsoft is understandable. Right Company under Left Government? Bad luck at every corner. Japanese are smart. They know US market is rigged (like it’s elections) and don’t bother release their good stuff here. And Samsung still doesn’t get how American Sabotage works. Round two, three etc be ahead for holiday “competitors” of iPhone or this wouldn’t be America where Americans WIN by default. Note 7 is not the issue. The brand Samsung is a threat to market and must shrink. They learn the hard way unless Trump wins then Apple gets what Microsoft got for years. Bad luck.

Holiday shopping ahead. LG V20 as one very polished device shall be received as cool for about a week. The media is owned by those who WIN by default again. We need deals for Christmas and especially ones for those switching from iPhone. Competition brings jobs, economy, Progress and freedom. Monopolies bring death. 

San Francisco is not a great place to live proven by high rents. It is so because too many people who cannot fight back get exploited here by a few known as Americans (Franciscans) whom are positioned for such Greatness to be extracted and the place doesn’t get to be Great because everything owned and earned given to these well-positioned folks it gets to be America. And iPhone is not such a Great product because so many have it. Those who are well-positioned arrange so as many as could be give up what they own or earn and hand over for ownership and bills of iPhone juat because THEY can not because iPhone is so great. Nobody can lead these abandoned millions who are extracted for Greatness by Apple and Wall Street to alternatives.

Some of you may remember or not but old blog posts tell how we made Samsung solid I’m America when iPhone was so expensive and just started sucking blood. Competition was weak and sold junk. That changed then.

We have a lot of good substitutes for iPhone this holiday season and Samsung needs to be ready for round two,three and so on of attacks on its brand. Samsung is a big threat to a weakening Apple. Show the public alternatives to crack monopolies is duty of media. Isn’t it?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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