Pixel arrives. Yea. All whom are of like minds to the geeks, techies and basically rich people with interest in own very sophisticated device can go get theirs. Will it make a mark in the market in terms of market share so we can say Progress was supported by Pixel after taking a chunk from Apple? I admit it is dangerous territory. After what was done to Samsung it takes really brave folks to try to succeed with their toys. Google folks will have fun though. We have our own phone again and is so fancy. 

I have my eye on a Nokia 950 the only other phone besides Note 7 which dares to play games with market share using technology not approved by Apple for public use yet. Iris…. Not in this country. Wall Street says we hold a lot of paper also known as Apple stock and don’t you mess with our “investments.” It is like telling oil companies they are bad environment. Will they stop? They set you on fire. Those “investments.” 

I am very excited Pixel is here. May be those Google innovators decide to take a dare and mess with Apple market share. It be interesting what happens to them. They already blew up Samsung to stop that front. Domestic movement to take territory from Apple? Dare you.

Welcome to Pixel. I bet Clintons are an iPhone family and Trump’s would have Android devices. In the more interesting area I have been reminded for the third time I will be a Note 7 from inventory allocated for US Government. I don’t know what to say except that THEY lie more than I do and how can I believe our own government and its claim? In case you do not know I invented an intellectual device codenamed M.R. which illiterate folk do not grasp and claim I am a very big liar and M.R. is a new form of lying that is “invented.” This country is finished. I have successfully settled the case that “I am such a nice guy” which was common belief and finally after years people agree I am not a nice guy and in a few years they may agree I am not a big liar but in the meantime reputation wise our government lies a lot even more than I do until I am exposed as NOT the biggest liar. Will I get a banned phone only available to government staff or big mucho Presidents? Zero got his Note 4 last I as told. I get my 7 when he gets his?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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