What A Boring Day…

It is so boring. There is no Note 7 to bash and FAA is not doing very good getting a lot of inside attention. 

At least we have Donald. His credibility has increased somewhat being denounced by Barak himself. Election is not rigged? Which election in the US history? Every election in this country has always had fraud that emabarasses everyone in it. What America has held to is this rhetoric of what America is believed to be. Elections are rigged. Challenging that will make you a historical liar. Why do you think so many average people are scared shirtless of Trump? They know the entire political show and election means nothing and those whom CAN may just tell you the Day After Donald is Trump is the President and there is not a God Damn thing you can do. The same people who gave America General Uncle and what he did to everyone’s brains and nobody could even go up to him and say Hello… They would run at his sight (exaggeration but you know.) General was GIVEN to America like Presidents are. It is rigged. It is fixed. That is America.

Anyway, this is what happens when there is no innocent company like Samsung around to bash. Politics creeps into technology area. It is 6:57 PM and 76%? I admit I used my LG X Power not much during the day but 76%? Amen.

And some wish General would return. The joke today was Big Zero be the first to freak out if told “General uncle is coming back” to life from dead or from away to near. General is gone and some say Donald Trump is first of General Uncle Class officials and no wonder both Hillary and Barak dislike him so much. Donald never came to San Francisco to be officially made “candidate” but even from day one he was enlarged people were joking this was State Dept revenge on General Uncle. Here is the story.

Back when Bush was running (didn’t he cheat in his election  twice and everyone cried bloody murder too? I guess elections are not rigged nor is Las Vegas nor is sports nor is stock market and the so called wars we go to….) the State Dept still believed General could be a normal sane official except he refused to join to most horrible government in the world. They used to take revenge on him all the time. When Bush was put up naturally the General was outaged “you cannot make HIM President” and State Dept returned “here is YOUR President (for refusing to participate in government) and added (Bush HATES this historical comment) THEY say HE is a RETARD…” 

General Uncle was very picky who gets to be what. He had a heart attack over Stable Boy Schwarzenegger Governor of the State? Never mind this story but when Donald first began to “enlarge” message was passed on (I think General was dead by then so others got it on his behalf) that Donald Trump Model was designed in the fashion of General Uncle becoming President and if Uncle was to talk to public it would be Donald talking to the media. Posthumous revenge from the General? Who cares. Donald has more credibility than all these idiots who claim we are so legitimate. Let us again remember why the good General hated the concept of “voting” in the American political system and called it “it is so stupid to believe this…”

Donald rocks. Barack be remembered as reading official lines. Elections are rigged. Liberals believe elections are real. Whatever….

P.S. LG V20 is gonna so polished. V10 has an excellent executive look to it. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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