Work Horse Versus Flagships…

Commute train under the waters of the Bay entering San Francisco. And it has been an hour of nonstop use and we drop to 94%! LG X Power can get work done.

LG X Power can do its job. Lower quality camera and many other technical aspects are no problem at all considering that LG X Power can keep going and get work done even if it is as a second device for specific tasks and only on a network that has unlimited Internet such as Sprint.

This success brings to mind how getting work done requires not the most advanced devices. And other manufacturers can learn to build “work horses” as they do “flagships.”

There it is a very typical LG handset. One of millions pumped out by them factories and here is an opportunity for Samsung to learn from LG X Power. I bet you a great deal of what hardware was put together to be a super flagship (iPhone market share killer) device can be used in making a “work horse” version of Galaxy Note 7 even with same form factor as Note 7 so as much as possible including accessories can be redeemed. Galaxy Note 7 is a casualty of war between the 1% and everyone else. Responses to their interests and them themselves will follow as such is international relations but in the mean time LG X Power teaches a great lesson on how to make devices NOT intended to be top of the top because they get work done. They succeed. 

An example will be MetroPCS and it’s business plan versus those top of the line carriers. MetroPCS business plan is built on the assumption that millions of defective people (can not even pay same bill two months back to back or calculate tax on an amount such as a cellphone bill) will gladly and loyaly acquire defective service from a company that caters to their needs of being “budget defective.” 

MetroPCS has a “very strong” market share because sells exactly what it’s market needs. Wireless devices may be in competition on many grounds and the makers should consider market share as a very important one and an asset to take away even if you cannot earn as much as you can using a fantasy device from that market share. 

Galaxy Note 7 in its March for market share got sabotaged. A “work horse” version of Note 7 may not boast best of the best features but will match a huge market need and take many customers from those whom sabotage the competition and claim their covert sabotage actions are justified under the concept of being “Americans.” 

Then everyone cries when someone does something really bad to them based on being “American.” The fault is not in the stars but that Western tradition includes doing terrible things as “good, just and fair.” Bottom line and regardless what these countries will do to each other over industrial sabotage which US takes pride in as an American advantage we need a work horse made of those Note 7 parts as LG X Power uses mediocre everything and gets the job done. 

Liberals are very dirty politocally and play too dirty economically. Even Trump cannot handle them and that shows the political system has died. The Liberals can suffocate anyone using corruption and help from others Leftist countries. A liberal victory in the election will bring domestic violence endlessly as political system no longer functions. Back in wireless area, iPhone is a symbol of this corruption that pays everyone off far worse than Right Wing used to. Work horses take and hold market shares that flagships are being used to fill. iPhone line has no work horse products. They need corruption to fill the market niche between flagship buyers and low end phones. Others can build devices specifically as work horses not to impress but to replace junk phones as the only option to flag ships and keep corrupt companies such as Apple from pushing flagships where work horses are in need.

And I advise any company interested in Progress to ignore what tech bloggers say about American market and the prodocts. They repeat what big media states to get advertising favors. There is no solution in their doings except by accident or when stolen from places like here. 

Don’t throw them Note 7 parts and accessories out. Use them for work hose market shares please.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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