Photo Study October 18 2016

It is exactly one month since last photo analysis and who knows where the photos I took for analysis are. They are buried somewhere.

This one is fresh off the grill. Yesterday in Oakland walking past a building. An accidental shot taken only because many would deem it a good shot. My Galaxy Note 5 proved it’s usefulness once again when ran into this spectacle. It was shot several times mostly because the RAW function needs to be automatically turned on when in Pro mode.

Analysis? Here is an example of what everyone likes and I would say “whatever…” My original title was “a photo that has nothing…” but there is always something to analyze so I dropped it.

I can say good things which I don’t care. Lesson one in criticism is say good things that are there then list faults or flaws. This photo has more good things and less flaws so not appropriate for analysis. The purpose of photo Study posts in this blog is to grab what can be improved or fixed hence Progress the art. We don’t have a good example for analysis because the study won’t aid the Progress of art. This is typical of what you and everyone hopes to photograph and once enough collected you are a “photographer?”

Enjoy YOUR art.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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