Band Aid Solutions

Cellphones are like cameras. They slip and will break. Camera makers eons ago invented a very interesting option so millions and millions of cameras won’t break. A lanyard can be attached to almost any camera. Why cannot smartphones have a little place for optional lanyard? 

I brought this up last year. Is it that difficult? The difference it makes? Millions and millions of smartphones that crack won’t. And they won’t fall in water and they won’t be left behind and they possibly won’t be stolen too? 

Billions of dollars in repair money be lost. That is why. Smartphones MUST break. That is the American Way. Legitimate need has nothing to do with business in America. There just had to be a “need.” 

Anybody who has dropped a phone and survived (or not) remembers the emotional impact of the event if not the cost and definitely would stick wrist inside the lanyard and there goes billions lost. 

Once again, this country is a place of exploitation. The media would sell but never do what helps the public. The industry would sell but never help them. And this is the result. Fake needs that create industries? Exploitation. They only be covered in the media if NYT would notify the lower media that editors of NYT will be covering the topic of how it is possible to prevent billions in losses using known solutions then the “parrots” would repeat the headlines of the Masters. No wonder this country is a third rate country.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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