86% And Going…

Yesterday test went well and today goes well too. 

LG X Power handles Sprint signal far better than my Moto X did. I assume that he processor and more memory do the job. I am very satisfied. I used the phone on train nonstop for about one hour and it was stick at 100%. That is impressive but once stuck in a tunnel it went down 8% in about 10 minutes. That could be due to signal being not so easy to reach. I really don’t care. 

The battery lasts enough to be a great spare phone for doing some business tasks. I only need my Galaxy Note 5 for major stuff and get trivial done on my LG X Power. I however haven’t logged into more than 10% of my apps and assume once I do the large number of apps, notifications etc will drain battery also. That would make me drop as many apps as I can but not yet.

LG X Power has passed with flying colors but only of used on Sprint Unlimited fast signal. I don’t know how much business value the 4100 mAh battery has if signal is not available for incessant business activities. So far everything is good.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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