LG X Power: 100%

Saturday continues. Rain has begun and sort of appreciated. The end is here. Another long week ends and I exit the torture chamber. America has many problems as Donald Trump once bravely told the media and got into huge trouble with our Government that only authorized saying America is Great. I share some of those problems three days a week. Today some end.

I have to do my LG X Power is here stuff and photos later. This is just to point out the device is operating but honestly I cannot even announce that I got one until I have a “feel” for it. That sets the mode for all posts starting with the first one.

I can tell you LG X Power is much better looking than reputed to be, weighs nothing, does everything so fast and the battery marker is frozen at 100%. I can also say the camera sucks. And the camera sucks again. Two cameras. 

I loaded from Google a choice of apps from my other device. I dropped some and still 163 apps got transfered. Surprisingly I had about 3 GB of memory left and 6+ GB of apps? Delete away. I freed up 2 GB. That is life.

I like this phone and I go through phones so one day has to be sold off so waiting for case I ordered and still gotta get tempered glass ($1.99? excuse me?) and it can enter service. 

In sort I can describe what LG X Power is hoped to do. Never die. Battery not die. Signal never run out and so on. My standard devices can make it to noon on a day out. What if I have to be out all day and doing bullshit? We see if LG X Power makes it for endless days.

Things are good so far.  


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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