Ban The Escape Media!

I got this damn thick book on Outlook to read. Finally budget cuts brought us to the point there is no easy person or place to ask your questions. You gotta know the answers to keep going and floatvat the top. I figure 100 pages a day and I beat the sh&#% out of my work email whenever I need the short approach.

It rains. And laundry in progress. I have been redesigning my wardrobe. Stage One was successful and failed too. I did replace clothing with newer etc but donating stuff proved too hard and time consuming. For the sake of project I throw the donation items in trash so can keep going. 

Stage Two is ahead. My conclusion is Banana Republic and Nordstrom is all that can be worn that maintains business and casual impressions. The other stuff didn’t do it. Some may say Old Navy, Walmart and Target and even Kohl’s (I will publish a list of various stores and their cultures someday just to point out how thwy are. How one is a disgusting business and another is too nice, etc.) are not exactly business wear outlets but they did well for the trials. 

Stage Two eventually happens and once refined at Stage Three I be the dreaded “distinguished gentleman” everyone from State Department to surrounding technicians (they call them eminent doctors) demanded us to be. Let’s face it the clothing has more to do with “presence” than all the rest we are told. 

And some kind of dinosaur movie has memorized this little Mexican man on laundromat TV. Escape Media to be banned. Big topic you don’t get to participate in. We are all getting ready for Reform Operations ahead. That means we get to follow specific news broadcast mostly on the radio endlessly. It is like war news in another era. Reforms ahead. 

The exciting news of the day is still LG X Power. It was an hour ago I turned it on. It is still at 100%. I love it. Today i am off which is more like a legit business day. On the current system I spend time in buildings hence can charge batteries. In a legit system of work I could be getting dragged from place to place with no opportunities to charge. Portable battery charger is only good if “light weight” and I prefer the battery that lasts not the phone that is in charger or portable charger all day. A day off is a lot like a legit business day so we get to test our prototype of future business tools in LG X Power. 

I am also asked to note here the inventory of “executive Note 7” is still here and nothing wrong with them and I am supposed to get one? They insist that is required and everyone uses Note devices and want their 7 and mad. Apparently they wouldn’t dare tell any government person to give up a banned non-existing Note 7 from a flight. Then again burecrats talk a lot and deliver little. Last week we complained in a confrontation that has been three years and I cannot say shit in Spanish and that is how much State Dept can deliver. They fired the Chief of this office (he can go teach university now was said) and they claim I be babbling Spanish by Christmas and that State Dept delivers. We never hinder insults on those whom earn them so deliver or else.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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