66% And Still Going!

It is interesting how fast FAA responds to comments published in this blog. They won’t be starting now. The final word is FAA persons in charge of this bashing of Samsung takes money and specific departments automatically get mobilized when shit hits the fan. 

There has been some interesting after-talk following this. The money trail goes to big business. They want control. They claim big money is boss over everyone including government. If big money (Special Interest) says a brand or company or anything goes up or down it goes. They want that control. They pay off FAA or anyone to stand for this control. This has got out of hand.

Hillary has declared a truce between the two sides for and against Note 7 as product burning iPhone market share. State Dept immediately declared Hilary is nobody and appoints herself President and declared thing. State Dept claims their business since threats from overseas are coming in to State Dept over messing with non-American businesses (attention Special Interest: pay someone to make a move against this statement or you are NOT in control.) 

Yesterday because of all the inside heat State Dept Committee reviewing this situation of who gets to mess with what closed their meetings by declaring anyone deemed involved in Industrial Sabotage is dead. Grimmest faces in our own government or as Pentagon says many in Pentagon be told they may NOT have a side business benefiting from their offices and positions.

Today a review office was ordered into operation to monitor big business and their activities in the area of “controls.” This one gets you killed too hence a lot of yelling over cannot do this. Yes we can. Two foreign governments are retaliating. One did last night and you know the other one is Russia. Treatments against Russia? They found an excuse to do theirs. They say in preparation. 

International politics is an exciting area and what Justice Department was screaming about is true. The official standing of US Government or lower government no longer means shit. Specifically that FAA being target of security raids will destroy it internally and soon the “offices” of government have no bite because everyone knows they can be subject to government action in blink of an eye. 

I recommend everyone get ready for the era of Radio. You be able to follow national events via Radio soon. There be a lot of them continuously and alternates to listening to Radio from media to personal life or whatever be targeted and destroyed. You have to follow Radio soon and no it won’t make you feel good about America and being American. Reforms ahead and preparations being made. 

As is said you can follow news now and it is not the election year that does this but you can see the trend for police to shoot innocent people unjustly every so many days and the same happening to them every few days. This being an example of a government program to push “change” agenda. Civil rights? No. They will destroy and everything until Government is boss and government is made up of enough people to count on your fingers and everyone else including entire Federal Government is nobody in rank and authoriry. 

Radio days ahead. You cannot afford not to listen. FAA orders. Keeping taking that money. See what it gets you?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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