Yes, I Am A Dous…..

I did get a few remarks when iPhone 7 was hitting the market because of my incessant inquiries whether accessories for iPhone 6/6S and their pluses work for 7. The proper answer finally arrived and made us happy and a few remarked to hush up and access ain’t it. Yes and No.

I happen to be dealing with some really fine quality cases etc made in astronomical quantities for the best phone of 2016 also known as Galaxy Note 7 which got “tuckered” in the Great American tradition (see the movie Tucker on making products that threaten existing market shares…) I think Samsung can be the Big Man in this situation. As far as their monetary losses for Note 7 due to American Way wink wink is US will hook you up. Samsung has done good and has no bad record with Government for doing American and other companies due to dumb Americans. We have plants where we print paper known as money. We cover those who are good “players.” 

On the accessory note, the Galaxy family has hundreds of members come and gone. We need a Note 7 memorial unit as a good work horse like J3 is against S7 and as long as form factor matches Note 7 we can unload all these accessories. Work horses get adopted by all carriers and stay around. It be a waste to take them back and dump them. 

Thank you…


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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