How Much Did Samsung Knew?

Saturday has no news. The bottom of the barrel is reached digging in for Note 7 left over news by the media. How much did Samsung Knew they ask? 

I have a suggestion. The American market is as dirty and corrupt as any but probably worse because is a top market. Getting sabotaged is a very natural thing in an American market surrounded by so-called American businesses. In the past, in order to deal with this environment Samsung would release a top product in say Korea and only after millions were sold would release in other markets. This would serve several purposes and most importantly be that Samsung had a “proven” product. For example, a Galaxy Note 7 released in Korea would arrive in America months later and a “proven” product wouldn’t start catching fire “only in the hands of American consumers”. Millions would have tried and used it. Better safe than sorry when releasing products in low-trust and corrupt markets.

America is as dishonest a country as the rest but pretends to be the opposite. Don’t release products in America to be approved or disapproved by Americans. Even Apple knows that. Every year they do a preorder because every iPhone starting with iPhone Classic which was filled with bugs has had surprises. 

Also Apple can get sabotaged too. Huh. Only in America? It is called business here hence Apple releases some of the device and waits for the feedback until the released iPhone is a “proven” product. Samsung used to do foreign releases later until the released device was “proven” product in friendly markets. Dont be trusting of hostile markets.

We need the technology. What is the rush? Beat the sabotage and use standard steps. If they insist on sabotage, cut them off and don’t sell it to their market? They will buy same indirectly when caught off but won’t get to complain. Deal with it. We need the tech. I am very interested in buying a used Galaxy Note 7 because We don’t want iPhone technology. Let’s go…


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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