How To Track A Man…

Title of an article in one of my readers. It is about being an Indian tracking a person or a rough dirty lumber jack tracing your footsteps as the illustration showed. I admit I have come a long way from my old reputation as scaring everyone to now I am a normal person and here is what normal people do. I can learn to track people. 

The year 2016 ends soon. Those who have plans, goals and calendars see it this way. It is ending. I miss many whom I knew. They have passed on to the great beyond and we are still here surrounded by legions of so-called doctors and security folk whom worry our health may be less than best. I explained that to everyone decades ago and nobody believed me. My theory of how am Evil Person is somehow endowed by a very long and trouble free life while good people really get it in life. My examples then were Saddam Hussein and one of my relatives. They were healthier and did better than everyone. 

Elections are on. Soon Big Zero is no more. Our friends in the Justice Dept joke how the Big Man is already worried soon he be on the street without his official seal and there is one person in specific to worry about more than any one. He worries. We don’t.

We lost Trump. He seemed such a great candidate and was not even qualified to be one. They are giving it to him daily. And Hillary is getting ready to rule the world. That is what she thinks. 

There was nothing in wireless blogs except for the “weak” product Google is selling known as Pixel. You can praise all you want but if it don’t take market share it don’t work exist. Pixel doesn’t exist. If it did the timing of its arrival coinciding with iPhone 7 reorganizing Apple market share would bring us anything from a Pixel that calls you bad names to exploding which is now the classic move to get rid of competition thanks to Apple. Pixel will come and go. Market shares stay. The government will fix that. We needed a right wing President so Apple burns.

I think we should get Donald to take an oath. The good General Uncle died but State Dept had it all figured out. No public comments allowed by the General. He would have to conspire behind the scene. I think that works for Donald too. He can use that model and be a Silent President. Vote for Trump? This election looks “fixed” already with Hilary doing to America what Lee did to San Francisco. For those whom don’t know “important rumors” here is a short tale months ago in a local rag. It read (had his photo) our illustrious Mayor had resigned and started his own high tech company specializing in “direct depositing” bribes and kickbacks. You had to read through before realizing this ain’t the news but they sure get bold bashing these politicians because corruption is the way of politics here so why worry. I bet Lee would brag about it too. Hillary is a national version of our local problem and is very confident Donald is licked. This “fixing” business is very American. Hillary is overconfident done deal. She probably gets happy phone calls from Communist countries and Arabs celebrating their better lot than Donald.

I think Donald can give this election a good fight. For years people complained that General Uncle was so unreasonable and thought President of United States is a “prize fighter” and demands to get into fights with everyone so there is a fight to watch or is not President this being Big Zero in the office. Donald qualifies in that area. He may not be a lot of things but he sure would make the General happy “the President of United States” enters the ring. And everyone be complaining this is not OK and someone stop both of them. They couldn’t stop the General till he died and they cannot stop Donald if he plays his cards right.

The challenge is either to be a Silent President (which means OK) or gotta fight them all. In case of Big Zero this was done easily but he was no President. All needed was a big Afro and we were for eight years of genuine Presidency witg endless fighting. Donald can do it but how?

If Donald can handle it, the HOW is available. Think President of United States. You can be with the help of the right people. Here is looking at you kid.

Can you fight? We provide fights. Can you handle eight years of it?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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