Flash Data for $3…

Wasn’t something like this suggested in a post I wrote a few years ago. It was however Flash WiFi. 

There was a time when WiFi was sacred. You had to find a place that had it and gave it to you. The story is there and we don’t care. It was a GOOD idea to use WiFi when available and not have any or a lot of Data from a carrier. One thing to remember is we were pushing ownership and use of multiple devices and what was a hotspot? They called it tethering then. You stick a wire into a computer to your phone. It wasn’t that long ago but one side idea then was how we need a big load of data for a short time occasionally or during the day and there was no need to have WiFi everywhere which got abused but there had to be a system nationwide to find and use WiFi when on the move just enough to get “business” done. This system was not for entertainment. Flash WiFi was literally what it could be called then. I admit problems pressure us to seek solutions and same ideas recirculate. Flash WiFi never happened. That is no loss. This incidentally reminds me how when iPhone was originally conceived Jobs saw iPhone as a device to only work on WiFi which even now is impractical and then? Those are ideas.

The topic of ideas came up yesterday. I think two days ago we had our “rush” which one or more person f–ing with you and this is standard in American business but we have been in business for a long time and the only question that rose was “who?” It got traced to marketeers who in this case were fellow tech blogists. Somebody keeps saying shit about them as they bashed Note 7 and they retaliated by using what is available. Bad idea and not topic here. But again the topic is what is going on?

Why all of a sudden a tech blog named after Satan appears with context that seems very political and timed for the election? I think you have some answers. Beyond these obvious thoughts remain the real reason why such blogs matter. For one thing they set standard for some things which when referred as “parroting” gets people mad because belittles their blogs and livelihood. That is what it is. Ideas are not abundant as we think are. Some are known for ideas and only a tiny few are known for ideas or whatever that work. That work part is critical. 

In the real world these ideas are not readily available so unless given to us (that is what Jobs said as his last defense when told the concept of a device shared with him was stolen by him and perverted to something called an iPad) hence “was given to us” was the last straw in the argument over WTF is this (iPad)? Since ideas that hatch eggs are NOT available to be given to us as the myth states they are in the real world “stolen.” And that is the tale of why some sources like our Devil tech blog are so welcome and some people get very angry when called as no more than parrots for what headlines NYT tells main media to spread or “stolen” somewhere somehow.

The realm of ideas is open again. Scholars tell how American Mind is closed in unreadable books and once in a while something good happens for those whom need working ideas (produce something guaranteed or high probability) and this is the job of scholars. A scholar by definition is one whom is qualified AND does produce new knowledge in ones field or area. That new knowledge is badly needed in wireless and high tech and some may steal some naturally but the basic foundation remains the same and new ideas or knowledge that works (hatches something hence of some use) is needed. We provide that. We are rude. We condescend. We insult our readers. We tell people embarrassing things you are embarrassed of. We take you and won’t let you leave. We are what is left of what America once had. Liberals have been destroying traditional American and Euro institutions from family to church and university systematically since the day Clinton was inaugurated a century ago it seems. Today there is very little left. When Donahue was kicked out you saw the official statement on NOT confirming for bigger folks. They even bankrupted Trump once because he told people in public that “America has problems.” And when cooking and home show celebrities got treated like A Capone and went to jail on tax charges everyone got the message it is not OK to have ideas and specially NOT OK to speak them. The realm of ideas was shut down. Ironically it did better under right wingers.

This post was left unfinished as of above paragraph this AM due to need to run from Starbucks to work. I think there is enough meat to publish. The idea of this post will appear eventually in other posts and be more complex. All yours to read even if half done.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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