Will There Be A Galaxy Note 8?

American media repeats what is dictated to them from their bosses. There was nothing wrong with Note 7. Samsung tried to burn it for a month so can fix it and couldn’t. But if you ask everyone in America they know so well of the phone that catches on fire etc. 

They don’t know anything about phones but are so informed all of a sudden. There is nothing wrong with Note 7. Let’s just say Apple needs to sell it’s sheep and competition has developed a better way to raise theirs so suddenly they all get poisoned and die. Everyone knows about the poisoned sheep if nothing else. Thank God in America you can buy meat from Apple Co and won’t die. This country is so great.

The tale of Leftist companies continues. They are few but set a new stamdard for crookedness. Right wingers have a history of this and don’t have to accuse them. They brag about it too. Donald Trump as contemporary Ross Perrot both of whom are known as super crooked and both get sabotaged by US Government. “Republicans Dirty Tricks” ended Perrot and Donald thinks American media counts as “overwhelming support.”&nb

Hillary is most amusing of them all. Jokes are as soon as President Hillary enters White House Hillary contacts many countries as can about America planning to attack them. Then word be out that a decent contribution to the Hillary Fund will bring a diplomatic Hillary to contact them about the peace ahead. Hillary has a bad rep. She also wants to be one of the richest women living and needs this job!

Apple is the same. The pursuit of success. Critics say Apple products have a very unique signature that they were made by gays for gays and is added gays are some of the pickiest people around and Apple is not high end as assumed (always behind technology and pretends is the first) but needs to sell to some of the hardest selling people hence others think WOW they are so good. And when cannot sell them? There is always poison and fire and you name it. Nobody gets in the way of Hillary or Apple succeeding.

There is nothing wrong with those Note 7. America is the land of liars, cheaters and thieves hence Note 7 is reputed to be a bad prodocuctwill and American media repeats same lines. The technology in that device is feared. The same hardware and software can be repacked and sold in countries where American Way interfering means important Americans get it elsewhere and surprise there never be a problem. And US State Dept has assured me the Note returns to bring technology America deserves and liberals cannot have because interfere with their success. We shall see. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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