Guy Unknowingly Adopts Adorable Puppy That Turned Out To Be A Wolf

That is the headline from a news item. They call this news.

Election year war continues and some of us have our own problems. I enter the realm of boredom today and leave there Saturday night. One may say this is an election year thing. Being locked in same workspace with a woman that talks incessantly all day and have a problem with everything under the sun. A warning of what Hillary America be like? I got used to it but alternatives are so boring. 

Some of us need to be in social environments. I used to have a job years ago and was sort of an office job but even then it was identified as being a “bar.” Some jobs are very social. Restaurant and bar jobs are. Retail is OK unless your job site is shared by a company that declared bankruptcy and cannot convince anyone they are not closed! Boredom reigns on there.

News has nothing. I did receive a few messages from our associates at the Fruit Co. Who cares. This is an election year. Leftist companies can and will get into trouble as do others. Right Wing has little left for them. Even if they win there be war and domestically the population won’t take it from “Americans” as white classes were once known and gave it to everyone. Left is so corrupt and Hillary brings a new stage on corruption. Left needs rhetoric much more than right does and American rhetoric is dead. That can be a problem. And the government of this country begins clean-ups of all kinds which seem politically good for everyone from Hillary to Trump and everyone else until they find out this kind of clean-up goes right through people and waving right or left or Patriot flag gets you same as waving a newspaper. Rhetoric is dead for our time. Our friends remind us how flag is an “artifact” and can be analyzed for its impact and role rhetorically. A void is what flag represents when not using for lying. Life goes on.

Boredom. It is time to move on. My good doctors won’t allow either renting a car or visits to the gym yet. They claim brain is a muscle and right now yours truly is at a critical jumping point in my plans. Strenuous physical activity OR speed of travel from place to place (info input to brain be very rapidly loaded) are not yet OK they say because they “change one’s mind” hence a biologically different brain means “changes” in plans. As soon as jump is over gym be OK and can go anywhere. The idea is at that point one is so caught up in activities (and cannot get out or change) that even if brain gets faster or parts less used get active the Progress will be unhindered. That is the word for the day. I can add everytime I went to the gym all I thought after was finding another job. That is an interesting reaction brought by endorphins. I can wait a little longer.

There is not much happening in the realm of wireless. American big business trying to maim Samsung brand so iPhone won’t die at least this month or next. Big news or how America became a great country? We still have people we hear of in SF and everywhere who are prominent citizens and object to any program that improves anything in other countries tries i.e. Mexico. Only in America things can be well or they lose their American-ness. Dangerous time in history to think as bygone era. People get hurt over all kinds of things and this is a nationwide problem or this wouldn’t be America the Great? They are messing with the US Government and it’s plans, etc. That is it for the news. 

In other news, I did order a LG X Power. Reviews say is a piece of plastic with a screen resolution that almost is acceptable. No problem. The test is battery last 4100 mAh and Sprint data lasts indefinitely. How much more work can be done with this combo that almost no phone offers? You have to use in the real world. Someday the device be up and running. First ordering it was an ordeal, now receiving is ahead then activating and finally configuring and setting it up. My experience has been these stages can drag on for dumb reasons. It took me a week to order it and you don’t want to know why. We see if LG X Power makes “news.”

Our marketeer friends are not pleased we bashed the media. They don’t have the umph for this kind of attitude. It only takes a quick check “who sent these guys?” And it goes bad from there. It is not OK. Some may say is the hidden arm of Fruit Co but they are careful “stupid.” Marketeers get cleared by end of day and back to boring.

Here is a fun memorial to Steve Jobs. I wasn’t the one remembering it. Apple people did and were telling as an inside joke. Steve Jobs was caught in his office with a big shipping box filling it with iPhomes and iPods(had them then) and a Mr C was notified and headed over there “what are you doing Steve?” It was called “Christmas present” and yes the man hates Apple and it’s products and won’t touch them “can give to friends and family for Christmas.” The box got returned on our side by…. The joke was Jobs was harassed so much and the man “won’t take your money” so send him this box and pretend is not money? They brought this up in memorial to those whom were harassed and eventually lost it in interesting ways. I got my own punishment in my own personal Hell. Mine is like being locked in a room with a crazy noisy person and you cannot leave. 

I want my Note 7 and the technology in it. And I don’t care what they name be when it returns soon.  


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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