“Do You Want to Trade OR Do You Want to Trade?”

Samsung obviously is not familiar with American Way of doing things. After one month they still cannot replicate the fires? Could it be select devices were remotely sabotaged and don’t catch on fire?

Here is a line from history. Sort of personal history. Manifest Destiny. History class Santa Monica College year I don’t remember. A good line to remember how Manifest Destiny (look in Wikipedia if don’t have a clue what is Manifest Destiny. It is listed next to Memorial Day. The other thing most people ask what is?) is how the lies change and Manifest Destiny and what it is finally pass through the country and arrive at Pacific Ocean BUT won’t stop there. Eventually they appear in Bay of Tokyo in the form of US Navy battleships and the message was “do you want to trade or do you want to trade?” That is American Way. 

Who said you can sell technologically advanced (higher quality than common in the market) in America and take our market share? American Way won’t tolerate it. When Americans wanted more money for labor American Way shipped literally every single manufacturing jobs overseas turning entire middle of United States to a Third World Country rather than pay high for labor. That is American Way. Who said there was anything honest, decent or noble about it? It is rotten, dirty and unfair and proud of it too? That is why your Note 7 that cannot be made to catch on fire catch on fire. Get it? 

P.S. American Way “assumes” own the world UNTIL gets kicked in the nuts. Case in point the life and times of Donald Trump and His Way in politics. Where did he learn to be Donald? American Way of doing taught him how to be until gets it in the nuts.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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