We Want Your Market Share…

The Note 7 saga continues and just like a Hollywood script the iPhone owners are smiling they are “secure” and their obedience to Apple means they won’t be pushed into the “fear” zone because they own an un-authorized device. The media builds on this also.

A few years ago I wrote an article. It basically asked a question from Wine and Beverage professionals it was written for “should all wine writing be praise?” Should it be? Anyone that wrote anything about new prodocts was basically a marketing agent for distributors. Is that what it was meant to be? A very renown person in this area took that article to his publisher (a famous asshole) and asked him to let him write whatever he wanted and not just praise. He quit after that meeting. These writings ha e no value. There is a reason why many say there is no “wine and beverage” industry in America as do in other countries because here the “merchants” run everything and call themselves the industry. 

The story of Note 7 continues as such. A super advanced phone that would in a matter of months make people frown how poor a technology iPhone was gets mysteriously in trouble in America only as always and won’t be a threat to the current divisions of the Market. Apple’s market share is safe as Note 7 cannot make iPhone look bad and a big warning it’s brand be banned by tarnished image if continues to push products for “non-conformists” to the American Way. And the media?

Garbage is a good way to describe everyone from CNN down to small blogs. They just recirculate what is there. If someone starts a campaign say to murder little kids for whatever reason American media will give it as much coverage as it can. Should wine writing be all praise? Should media just recirculate whatever is put out there? I think it was George Bush Senior whom complained once (this been going on for so long?) what had become of “great American news agencies. He did have a point in the sad state of media. The biggest function this media has is repetition of whatever business and political interests put other there. You create it and they toss it around for you. That is not the topic here. The topic is how Apple a Leftist company has its own strategy for market share. This country still has a government and periodically gruesome action is taken not as business and political interests like to. There is still law in this country and a rhetorical exchange between for and against parties does not settle what the law says. The topic of market share is NOT open to discussion.

When I was in graduate school of government (they call it public administration) a basic topic was the relationship between government and business and how they tried to control each other. The basic premise was the more business control over the more corruption etc. The French have a solution for this. All business and even political persons who get big by means of whatever base of power they have get eradicated by the French. Their idea is not to allow anyone become powerful to replace the government. They literally kill VIP whom reach a specific level of influence or above. This country has a huge problem in this era and several hundred thousand people need their bases of influence demolished. The media has a big role in this but as we know if you have a conscious nobody keeps you from quitting versus doing the job media has. The media is out and makes this the business of the Government to eliminate anyone whom.can or think will replace the Federal Government using some base of influence. The case of Apple and what is justified for its market share falls in this area. Can the US Government handle the corruption Apple waives at them? Can if effectively remove those debasing the foundation of this country by finding a place of “influence” to do their damage? The answers lie in shooting wars. Public and media are not used to shootings. They think talk is beginning and the end of “matters at hand.” In the real world, one side sabotages the other side just for their interests and expects government to play a “rhetorical game” in response but find themselves in the middle of cross fires. This country does have a government and does not recognize “persons of influence” and what they want. They will go French on you (over a stupid cellphone? Or on principle?)

P.S. Our friends at NYT have been very supportive of persons such as yours truly and what we do over the years but today they are not easy. The reason is between the lines one can read that somebody is pointing fingers at NYT. You may as well know NYT (some say the egomaniacs at NYT not just NYT) is the father of this repetition system. NYT broadcasting what it will have as it’s headlines to news agencies may not be as common knowledge as we want it to be but nevertheless has been the American system for too long. They used to Telex the NYT headlines to all publications for the purposes of repeat what NYT says. We used to call NYT the Pravda of United States for setting itself as THE most credible of all sources and basically dictating American Way ideology as THE Way to everyone who could influence. This topic just touched here because they are pressured to change the “repetition model.” 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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