Moto X 1st Edition Part 3: Wrap Up

It is wrap up time. We need to move on. 

Since this blog is new things move slow and naturally there are many devices to review but the process is new so goes slow. The wrapping up of Moto X will finish the inclusion of this device and naturally the next one goes faster. LG X Power is next for no specific reason but that is an interesting device.

Just the other day I was lazy walking and got to the train station platform on a Sunday half a minute late. Being Sunday it be 20 minutes to the next train. Everyone had boarded both direction and left a completely empty station in the middle of the day with a long wait. The best thing I could do was watch Netflix on my Moto X.

The speakers and the microphone and the screen and everything else on Moto X works really well. I admit my satisfaction of Moto X is in part because it is on Sprint and endless data means I can keep going and going versus worrying how to ration my data and arrange my activities. Then again it could be better. The device is awesome, the battery lasts, the screen is superb but… I expect LG X Power to build on these. The screen may not be but battery and data should last forever. My Note 5 battery lasts half way through the day when used non-stop and I end up switching devices.

I don’t know what else to share on Moto X. The device is too small by today’s phone standards. I admit that and that also makes it a good “gym phone.” My yellow OtterBox Commuter was not a choice by accident. Yes, Sprint is yellow but not the reason. Sport gear have bright colors for high visibility and a yellow OtterBox is a sport wear.

Moto X 1st Generation is very small even in a yellow OtterBox. Small phones usually have something that is not at par and will irk you. That is my memory of small devices. They can be slow, load slowly, camera is poor, sound is below standards, the screen is not worth looking at for long and the list goes on. Moto X 1st Generation lacks these flaws. As a small phone it is very efficient and never bothers you. It also can go to the gym.

Moto X 1st Gen weighs very little but performs in every way including battery is OK. It is great to go out, to the gym and on exercise runs. Gym phones are not a standard category of devices but whomever is committed to activity should appreciate devices built with those ends in mind and Moto X 1st Gen qualifies big.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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