Free Voice! Free Text! Free Data! Till…

Some events in the wireless market are funny. 16 million switched services based on this promo in one month. You have to know the local market to make sense of it but is funny anyway. Carriers do promos just to irritate other carriers or ruin their promos. That is true in America but here? I don’t know. Locally, there is a big effort to destroy Samsung brand only in America. HTC used to be top dog not long ago and now? Declared a worthless company making same products once deemed highest satisfaction devices for longest runs. The brand had market share so had to go. Blackberry and Nokia went earlier. Palm went out. None of these companies are bad. They are guilty of holding market share and once the Most Corrupt cannot hold to their own market share (fruits come to mind?) their strategy is to eradicate opposition market share to weaken the drive to move into theirs. LG is a great company and was not kicked out of America but had been “neutralized” for market share purposes hence tolerated. LG and the rest named are no threat to Apple market share. Once Google eats market they be having suspicious downfalls for their devices? Today is turn of Samsung. The brand that would automatically eat Apple market share in case of slightest weakness in Apple territory (expected ahead) and magically the media units against Samsung? When gets hard Canadians are brought in and then comes UK? We leave it there but time has arrived for promos that get Apple users to switch to other brands. 16 million in 26 days. Carriers wars in America have been good. There has to be promos just to push the great devices that upset Cook’s market share and do promos just to kill market share for Apple. Apple is dirtier and corrupter than any company or carrier only beaten by US Government in that area and US Government says no monopolies by any name. Competition is good. There is a limit to how many of what can be sold because competition stops. And it is not American Way to ruin everyone’s lives and close them down because someone CAN! Those who CAN be stopped. And i want my Note 7 soon. It better be available.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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