Don’t Mess With (Texas?) America?

Yep. As predicted this morning more incidents of sabotage to be expected. The interesting thing this morning was I realized how wrong I was. 

When reading the comments made on typical posts about bad Note 7 and it’s deeds I realized I am wrong. Everyone is seriously aware how the media carries campaigns of misinformation or as they say they can publish their version of news by buying some in the back pages and putting some on the front pages. 

There is no need to defend Note 7 everyone in the industry and the public bozos who can put together a paragraph know what is up and there is no need to convince anyone. On a brighter note there be retaliation on Apple. 

Let’s call him Donald Trump Operation. Apple be suffering day and night when President Trump takes office for many reasons specially because this country is bankrupt and pumping one leftists company under liberal regimes to make Liberal America look good won’t work under the good old redneck establishment. And my associates also did deliver a side note which we always get on everything from international events to everything not worth knowing. 

The good folks at Samsung wanted us to know on the side quietly about all this commotion that bottom line their product is good. That is all we need to know. And as we say in the field of military we now have just cause to kill a lot of people thanks to some error or wrongdoing someone has done giving us the Proverbial reason known on the inside as “the excuse.”

Apple did well. Damaging a very useful device to sell iPhones? I wonder of there is anyway to pay them back by damaging their name and reputation. I just wonder…. Some of us have very bad reps for good reasons. Locally they call yours truly the biggest “mudslinger” ever in this region as a way to express their dislike for how we pay them back. Since military ops are coming and in progress here locally they now love those “mudslingers” to help them but pay back is what we do. They are getting theirs and Apple needs some too.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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