Tremendous Support? 

I hate election year.

Anyway, I can get $195 in trade value for my Note 5 and matching that my payments be about $15 a month since there are no leases for Note 7 being a very expensive phone. That is the Progress on the Note 7 device. And anyone I talked to who has Note 7 loves it so why not. There should be some cool promos to move Note 7 since it fell behind and more us will get the device. And let us worry about it going haywire. That reminds me of what someone once said that listening to TV news America is such a scary and dangerous place but in reality most people hardly have a problem all their lives. TV may say Booooo to Note 7 which violates technology advancement standards but the rest of us know is as fine as living in America can be as long as we ignore American media. And yes there be more sabotage stories to come but F American Way of doing life and business. Note 7 is the future. iPhone? The same iPhone 6 is now available two years later with changes natural to time passing only and sold as the top of the industry. The same media puts so much pressure or be nothing. Just like how Trump is sure he has “tremendous support.” That is either motorcycle gangs, redneck neighborhood habitants or the truth is media puts a lot of pressure. Check out supermarket tabloids next time you see them. Donald is so well-supported there. 

There is no new tech news to discuss here today being Saturday except Pixel is moving in. As soon as it grabs market share there be “incidents and accidents” reported as such is American Way of doing things. From the place that invented Filibuster just to sabotage the procedures comes fruits of American Way. There be retaliation for all sabotage or in other words American Way is a myth. Stories tell of its Greatness to be questioned later and it no longer goes long enough to postpone questions. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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