A Legend Is Born!!!

Gotta get rid of them. Those non-conformists. Those un-Americans. Those enemies of the American Way of Life. They gotta go. And the American Way of doing it had been lying, cheating (and definitely stealing included) to get America to the top. 

Round three of attacks on the phone that killed iPhone. 

Birds also known as very intelligent insiders tell each other how Apple knows iPhone is a dead brand but today nobody else knows about this future . Personally that reminds me of the expression “the ship is sinking” told in the context of a huge commotion inside the inside circles of United States Government years ago and we had to be told too how the verdict was out and everyone agreed our economy was finished. 

The policies made at that time would eventually result is so much national debt (Reaganomics they called it like Reagan knew economics???) that this country was basically bankrupt ahead though prosperity everywhere then. The size of our economy hid the truth so well the expression “the ship is sinking” but is so big you  couldn’t tell it was. America was dying but who could tell except those insiders.

And today them whisperers whom haven’t defected to Russia yet and ain’t afraid Homeland Security will pin dirty stuff on them to protect the American Way of Life dare speak but only on the inside that the product named iPhone is dead and Apple knows this is ahead beyond the current prosperity but nobody else can tell because of the size of these market nitches like the domain of iPhonr. Apple changes policies from subtle to very aggressive assaults on competition?

Note 7 represents a nail in the coffin of conformity which makes America what it is. Millions who do as they are told. Who dares defy the wishes of the Masters of America. That is America for you. The Masters want more. Conformity guarantees more. Violations of conformity rules bring less and anything is fair to stop this under American Way principles. 

American Way to millions who do its biddings can be no more than this business of choosing what is bought and used or not!

You MAY NOT develop anything that violates the great conformity rules. Conformity is a requirement of being a Great country here in America. 

Note 7 is a super phone. It is a super awesome product and not authorized for America because brings the overall standards for what a super phone is too high for what American Way wants to be the standard and sell hence is being burnt out of US market. They are creating a “stigma” for ownership of Note 7 after technology couldn’t be beaten. If iPhone prospered by selling “security” the Note 7 and any other violator (any phone threatening the Great American market-share owned by the authorized Conformist product will get it also) will be marked with “fear.” Be afraid to own, use, be seen with this violator. That is so American. Another topic tells us how British invented this stuff about social controls and still send legions here disguised as tourists when help is needed for local enforcers. That is a side topic here. The topic is “telling” is still the marketing approach of choice in America.

Note 7 is a legend. The phone that kick American Way in the nuts so hard that brought tears to the eyes of the richest and the most powerful. Yes, they don’t own the world and don’t set standards for all things. Someone dare build this device that kills everything they own. Sabotage it. Sabotage and tell them America DARES you prove America does this sabotage. You are messing with American Way and American Way is always right to the point of killing everyone who argues opposite and wins to be what American Way is. Paint it with “fear” in the media because this bankrupt country lives in images pushed by media and not in a reality. Conformity is the law here or you will be abused. That is part of how American Way works and makes this country Great too (they say.)

Note 7 will win. Higher technology standards can be set and market shares can be taken from American Masters and their dirty deeds. America will be knocked down one notch lower closer to the most backward of the backward places. The backward are at the bottom. America is going closer to the bottom after Note 7. Conformity needs to set the standard for where “high” is in standards and once in a while forms a violator that overrides what conformity “tells” us to do to be Americans. Note 7 is guilty as such. It won. It exists and it will take market share and sabotage brings sabotage. Messing with a product is seen as messing with an economy elsewhere and they fight back. That is how America moves down notch after notch.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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