Google Pixel Arrives

October 4th came and went. Announcements were made. Now is time to wait for arrival of Google devices. Google Home sounds interesting. Echo may not be as common place a device as expected but is definitely innovative and it is time for others to improve or just reproduce it. Home has to arrive and get fixed of bugs etc and once upgraded and polished we can “tell” if Google did to Amazon what Steve Jobs says did to Apple. Let’s remember Jobs on his anniversary too. Thanks for stealing our design and making a worthless iPad by the way. 
Pixel does your updates in the background. Which phone does that or did that I remember not? It was long ago that a phone did so. I think Blackberry or Nokia. Doing updates in background is great idea. I spend so much time telling the few must-do items after acquiring a very expensive super phone to buyers I speak to and the part about doing OS updates be it iPhone or Android always gets me. Their eyes expand and a look of surprise and even irritation begins to appear as they hear of the need to “do updates” not ignore them. Do them in the background. I recommend.

Is Google positioning Pixel to fight iPhone? They are allied with Verizon the most un-iPhone network there is. Verizon people are very realistic people and iPhone is not what public think is hence any other good device gets a “serious” chance with Verizon. ATT on the other hand picks up all devices good or bad and I have been away from TMO long to tell but they used to release and discontinue  short after almost any piece of cellphone hardware arrived. Verizon knows how to pick them and supports the good ones firmly.

Google is doing better. Little birds talk and they say Google executives don’t have the mind to do what they are doing with Pixel and this is a good move finally. Market share. The traditional Google phone approach gives Google recognition as a phone maker but all over the place. Pixel is concentrated. Regardless of how they do it, Pixel will stand against iPhone by measuring market share. It can be a total disaster bit that is how it is. 

Example be Microsoft and how it’s many devices stand up in technology, features and innovation but everyone knocks them based on one thing. How much market share Windows Phones have AND how it had changed. Market need devices to stand up against iPhone. iPhone can disappear today and harm be zero because of the many great devices available and will drop too. Pixel has to fight in one area wants it or not. Market Share. The Market thinks of contenders as how much ground is taken back from the thieving Apple and it’s monopolizing ideology.

Go get them Pixel. You got lots of support. Samsung started with a keyboard thick phone named Samsung Galaxy 4G. They have more Galaxies in that family than any phone today. They were used to beat back Apple by the Market. Go get them. Support is everywhere.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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