Wireless Charging! Future Has Arrived.

It is awfully slow on my Note 5. When Qi charging was becoming popular a couple of years ago, I ordered a receiver (a part that receives wireless charge and feeds into your phone) made for my Note 3 and tried it for a while. It was slow and you had to position it perfectly on the pod or no charge. I liked it. Most were apathetic technology except one person who told me he couldn’t wait for me to burn my battery from overcharging and have a good laugh. I told him not to worry. Wireless charging stops if device was made to adapt to the charge and won’t overcharge (if and when it ever fills up first…) 

I had almost forgot about coffeeshops and wireless charging until today at 37% it was a lifesaver. I remember when Starbucks announced the “future” and wireless charging coming to its branches. It was a big deal. I don’t think anybody cares today.

News gets outdated? Pokemon Go was so big even I played it not long ago. And about the same time I asked an avid player his opinion of state Pokemon a month from then. He had no doubt nobody be playing Pokemon Go in a month. It gets forgotten. People still play as wireless charging pods are everywhere. 

And today was a day that future did happen. Wireless charging pods waiting right in front of me and I was making elaborate plans how to go from one phone to another smoothly and without disrupting my work. 

They are here. And slow for now.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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