The Travel Phone!

I don’t have any shots of LG X Power in this phone so this post goes photo-less (if such a word.)

My Moto X has been a marvelous phone and i have said many good things about it. I havent found anyone impressed however because they see it as “too small” and talking is a waste of time after that. It has run its course also and it’s replacement is LG X Power. The X doesn’t relate the devices. I just want to try LG X and happen to have a Moto X.

LG X reviews are not good nor bad. I like what one reviewer said about LG X Power. It has an enormous and impressive 4100 mAh battery AND “goes downhill from there…” Frankly I didn’t like that review. It was not very informative and if the screen is low in pixels and disappointing you cannot say the phone that is better in screen quality is an iPhone. I have to see the screen before I agree not great. What I ma interested in in travel.

When you travel or you are out doing  a lot of things and a long day your battery goes and goes fast. Nevermind the solutions. LG X Power has a 4100 mAh battery. That is tablet size battery and i happen to run my Moto X on sprint which means when gets replaced I be running an LG X Power with a battery that definitely lasts an entire day and night AND unlimited data which means the phone can be GPS and research tool all day and night if not all trip long and no business interrupted because the device sucks and needs help.

I am lazy and don’t rush. I still have to do one more post to wrap up my Moto X memory series. Then I can be on LG X and I yet have to run into an unexpected day or be on a trip to see for sure that LG X with Sprint Unlimited Data makes the day and beats the rest. This also brings back another point. Devices such as LG X ought to be sold to be activated either as smartphones or tablets. A business person with the needs to have data and battery all day and night uninterrupted can use a device just for that end. Who cares about talk and text! After all we all have at least three cellphones, don’t we?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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