Attention Illiterate Humans of Developed Countries

Don’t forget to vote for Trump. 

ISS over Australia again and that picture moves when viewing in the app. There is not much to say especially if you live in a developed country (people of less developed countries are accused of being stupid and backward systematically) and think you are special people and live better than others. 

This image proves you are as bad it gets. You wouldn’t have a clue what is ISS and why exists and what is significance of anything like this image. You are ignorant and Trump is a reminder you are still alive in America and elsewhere and think you are entitled to all kinds of things including opinions and votes. You belong in not developed countries because your.mind is as developed as theirs. 

Enjoy and is not OK you don’t understand what I am talking about. If you did you would be contemporary Americans and entitled to opinions and votes. Vote for Trump. He is your level of intelligence.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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