Some Of The Things I Can NOT Do!!!!

Yep. Voice Commands. I cannot use them for jack. It could be that I am used to standard ways of doing things or that I just cannot or they are no good or other reasons. I just cannot use voice commands actively.

I have done it. Goals on Google Calendar? Tried to trick myself to go to the gym by making the Calendar schedule my visits. I admit it is persistent and still pops the new time and day I am to go to gym but how much good did me? The point here is I cannot use it. And I thought I was smart. Three cellphones and all…

I cannot use wearables. I sort of understand them but cannot figure what they are to do. Most gadgets are like that to me. I have to customize them or won’t work for me. I cannot use wearables.

And here is a good one and a no brainer. This 10500 mAh pack costs $22. Buy it? I can use it but I have two of these even bigger in capacitors. One was never opened. One is used and is very impressive BUT I cannot use it. The weight is more than my three cellphones together. It could be I imagine that but they are heavy or have no power. I cannot use it. How hard can it be to use a battery pack? I cannot use it.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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