54 Degrees

That be the temperature today locally. The wireless news is boring as usual. Another tale of a Samsung device with trouble. This be part marketing and part sabotage as American business happens to benefit tremendously will go on and when is over they will give Samsung award after award for what it does to bring the brand back. The term taking turns finds a clear meaning with timing of product arrivals. It is the time of year when Apple products need all the media space they can get and no wonder room is made for them and Samsung is being so meek and calm for its troubles. Their turn comes later and get it all back when “iPhome season” ends? 

And TMobile is killing everyone. 850000 new subscribers and everyone else sucked but they don’t worry. They have very low churn that be ATT and Verizon so not much gained but not much lost either unless you are last with 250000 adds. I think the price of the stock shows it best. The last is striving to make $7 per share. We won’t mention where everyone else is at. Is it the devices? They all have same devices. Is it the network? Honestly the last place has better network than TMO. Is it the rate plans? Again the last place has better plans than all. Then what is it? One may say how they run their business. Any stock under $20 is marked as one which has no stock market backing. That means big money would rather invest anywhere but there and the few institutional and individuals who own make it one day reach $7 and set records. It is how the place is run top to bottom that makes one realistically think can add a million subscribers some quarter and another cannot even imagine $10 per share one day? That be so ambitious. I bet if you were to get inside any of the big four and check them out you would see how many things done “wrong” at all levels in proportion to stock value. They correspond. The fault is in what Herashio? 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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