They Sure Know how to PICK Them And Go Down With It…

Blackberry sure knows how to pick them and they sure know how not to take advice. One very egocentric company with zero regards for market may say. Apple and Samsung own the market because they base so much on what market is and wants not telling it outright what to be. 

It was not that long ago that RIM was advised to drop the name Blackberry to succeed in America. They finally did. They dropped RIM and named the whole company Blackberry. It is so hard to communicate cultural topics. As they taught you in English classes high school and above words have two kinds or more kinds of meanings. One be its literally which is there and only some words have an emotional load hence handled with care. Cuss words are such examples. Some have no literal meaning but the emotional meaning is so strong one may never use in public or whatever. The word Black may be innocent in many ways but in a very advanced society such as America is banned. That is why got changed to African American. The emotional loads are carried. It is offensive to American public to use the word Black in an esteemed way. This is a cultural thing and Blackberry would not know because they are so busy being themselves. Who cares what happens out there amongst the little folk who pay $800 for our masterpieces. 

And another mistake. Blackberry was advised to proliferate inexpensive handsets to expand user base for its OS. They sure did that. And this device is the latest. 

DTEK50 was amazing. Two identical Alcatel devices released. One is plain Android and another is exact same with security added by Blackberry and? What is with that name? The tech lingo names went out when Microsoft renamed NT5.0 as Windows 2000 so can sell it. Some of us are own worst enemies. 

Today advice to Blackberry? Review the ancient tale of how Datsun was renamed Nissan. Why? Success or failure based on culture. America has a few faults and one being is one hateful places. It is a cultural factor denied but amazes those whom do not know hate to experience a place so vast with a culture based on deeply in hatred. Poison is a name for such but locals learn to hide it. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Ever since Obama many believe they have bent over backwards to change this hate culture too much and even President of country turns black and? Their loss so get defensive. Watch a woman President go in and everyone takes back everything granted to women socially. Hell is a terrible place to be at and America adopts much from Hell. 

Name them to fit cultures. Your egocentric company is not the only place your product exists at. Market can teach you a lot. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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