The Big Question Ahead… 

I happen to have a blog for displaying my photography but as experience shows working two blogs is harder than one may think. The question is should I include some of the content from that blog here to keep the momentum going? Blogs serve as journals and keep things moving when slow times or obstacles appear. The problem that follows is at this time I am still a nice person and but for a few occasional scared-everyone incidents I have been covering popular culture under the cover of Tech Blog fairly and in a civilized manner. The problem remains that what I like to include here is analysis of photographs that legitimately belong in a photo blog where boring people or in this case harassing readers passes as acceptable intellectual activity but in a popular culture blog could make people mad because requires use of brain many do not have to begin with. 

Should I or not? Deliberately boring photographs shot exactly as they are to be subjects of study? I am told teaching is not my forte because I don’t like my pupils and should be avoided but intellectual activity is accepted and some teaching is natural. Once again should I or should I not? I will sleep on it.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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