Photo Study Sep 18, 2016

This photo was taken at train station. It was taken for one reason like many others saved recently. It is a good photo for analysis. 

The first question be don’t the photographs first get taken then later are picked for some purpose? Not in the real world. Contrary to what camera companies have taught the camera enthusiasts also known as photographers whom spend a lot of time taking photos to capture them great ones someday, photographs can exist before they are taken. That is if you are trained to “see” and have technical familiarity how your tool will handle it. People who know yours truly may say I knew how I can annoy the hell out of people by taking one shot that nobody would ever notice and analyze it too just to annoy the heck out of the viewers. 

We are not going to comment on this observation but does hint how some of us “see” photographs and can choose which ones to records for reasons we may have and others think camera makes photographs. Lol. 

I have to admit this is not a fun photo. I don’t think is interesting either but does draw you to look it over. The contrast between bright and dark areas and unusual framing make us look around the photo and look for the subject or point of the photo. Subjective it is and an honest person would admit the point of the photo is missing. Is it the cars in the parking lot? Is it the view in distance within the frame? Your guess is as good as mine. I only see things. The interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. 

What I can point out besides the fact that it is technically okay photograph is that the photo has some impact because has strong elements. The contrast between very dark and light has impact. The unusual framing also has impact not so much because is framed but that the angles are very unusual and the eye is guided by the lines which really don’t get anywhere again to make the point. 

The overall photo is good and goes beyond I had a camera and took a photograph. Whoever took the photo had an unusual way of seeing a very ordinary situation and arranged it to be puzzling and probably get criticized that had done on purpose to annoy people too. The photo seems balanced and I think the trees do that because nothing makes sense about it till you see trees and think this is OK. There is nature? Or that color green soothes a headache caused by viewing “special” art. Poor little brains hurting. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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